College Basketball Fan Survival Kit

By Staff

Check out our ideas to help you get through the College Basketball Tournament.

The month of March is upon us. Are you ready for the madness? By all indications, the College Basketball Tournament is a grueling but riveting month-long series of victories and upsets. And unless you’re wealthy,¬† well-connected, or both, you’ll likely be viewing it from your couch. That means a month-long living room party. Never fear, has a list of everything you should have on hand to get through this most challenging time.

Show Your Colors At Home…

You know who you want to win, right? So show your pride with the perfect team-themed swag. And you can be cocky about it, too. If you’re sure your team will go all the way, get ready to celebrate with monogram shot glasses and logo’d beercan holders.

…And At Work

You may have to change out of your sweatpants to make yourself office-appropriate. But don’t take that to mean you can’t keep the dream alive from 9 to 5. These cufflinks are handmade using recovered floorboards from the actual university gymnasiums, making them a sort of lucky charm you can wear on your sleeve where your heart used to be.

For the Host

Hosting a month’s worth of basketball parties has its own set of heavy expectations. It’s a BYOB thing, for sure, but don’t think you can get away without a stocked cooler. And then there’s the food. You know the drill: wings, ribs, etc. Here are some great ways make it happen.

Option 1: O-Grill 1000 Portable Gas Barbecue Grill

It may not the best idea to use this indoors, but it’s propane efficient, lightweight and it has a handle. You may want a full-sized barbecue to handle the main course (meat), but for an appetizer (meaty and/or cheesy) you can set this barbecue up just outside the backdoor and serve it off the grill. If your backyard culinary ideas are growing tired, check out Barbecue Nation by Fred Thompson, a meticulously researched cross-section of American barbecue culture and the best recipes to come out of it.

Option 2: Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

You know what? Who wants to barbecue¬† when you can throw anything you want into a smoker, close the door and come back to it when you’re feeling a little thin ‘round the middle at half-time?

Party Favors & Provisions

The key to any successful party, sports-related or otherwise, is ambiance. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of setting the mood for you and your basketball-loving friends before the games begin. Thus, in the name of invoking the true spirit of manhood, light a bacon-scented candle.¬† For the amateurs in the room, keep a copy of How March Became Madness on the coffee table so you don’t have to waste time explaining the tournament; it’s more complicated than tax code and you have beer to drink. Speaking of beer, we’ve just discovered this 2-in-1 remote control/bottle opener: the very name of convenience.

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