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Crazy Concept: Infiniti EMERG-E
  • March 27, 2012 : 08:03
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One of the hottest reveals at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month, was the long-awaited announcement from Infinti over its mysterious sports concept. The resulting vehicle, aptly named Emerg-e, is a striking combination of sleek beauty with an intimidating presence that ushers in the next generation for this high performance brand. 

Utilizing a hybrid dual-drive system of both a traditional engine and an electric: the Emerg-e boasts a two-rotor, three cylinder 1.2-Liter combined with an EVO Electric Synchronous Drive. The resulting combination gives this sporty demon a range of 30 miles on electric (Lithium-Ion, 300 kW), or a full range of 300 miles. While its recharge time varies between 6-10 hours depending on amps, the concept also supports an 8.1 gallon tank to give you that extra boost.

Development wise, the Emerg-e has the distinction of being the first Infiniti to be designed in Europe. Its ultra-light carbon fiber shell allows for an extended imagination of its curvy G35 line, giving the concept a stage presence on the road that will be hard to ignore. That being said, it almost appears to be the offspring of two of our favorite performance cars of latethe Porsche Panamera, but with the rear-end of an Aston Martin Vanquish.

As Infiniti continues on its path to define its brand for the future, we’re certain a version of the Emerg-e will take its spot as a potential flagship for the company. If its previous concepts of Essence and Etherea are any indication; Infiniti is heading in the right direction. The announcement that two, full-functioning Emerg-e concepts are currently being built is an absolute sign that the company is taking this model seriously; and could lead to us seeing this hybrid model on the road within a few years.

ENGINE: 1.2-Liter Twin rotors, one per rear wheel w/EVO Electric drive
TORQUE: 737.6 lb-ft
RANGE (Electric): 30 miles
RANGE (Combined): 300 miles
EMISSIONS (EV/Comb): 0/55g CO2 per km

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  • anonymous
    VERY VERY SEXY ANd so cute and beautiful
  • Anonymous
    Acura and Lexus. Even though MOST PEOPLE pair them in the same cegotary Infiniti doesn't come close to BMW. (Something me and you can both agree on) Im so sorry that it was my opinion that I think all inifinitis look good and that I didn't include your favorite. Clearly they have been making better looking vehicles (if anything more exciting looking whether you people think they are ugly or nice) than those other two luxury brands I've stated. And where in my statement did I say the ONLY automaker making good looking cars? Your sentence should of corrected me on the only (((((LUXURY))))) automaker making good looking cars as of late, which again it maybe my opinion, that still even BMW/Audi/Mercedes do make good cars, they have lacked in the design department. But I don't mention those because I (as in MYSELF) don't even put those in the same cegotary as the the Japanese 3. The way I see it (acura/inifinit/lexus) and (mercedes/audi/bmw) did I clear that up for you? Looks like you are wearing the beer goggles.