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Detroit Auto Show Round Up 2012, Part 1
  • January 12, 2012 : 20:01
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2013 Mercedes-Benz New SL

Courtesy of Daimler

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL captures the essence of one of the most iconic car lines in the world. Being launched in two models: the SL 350 (306 hp) and the SL 500 (435 hp); these versatile sports-luxuries contain either a 3.5 (V6) or 4.6 (V8) eco-friendly, BlueDIRECT engine that has the capability to start/stop while the vehicle is at a standstill to save fuel. The cars are super light (hence the name SL), being 140 kg lighter than their predecessor.  With a myriad of tech features, the SL keeps you covered with a foot motion sensor trunk opener;  under car sensors that keep you within your traffic lane, and a windshield system entitled, "Magic Vision Control" that keeps your vision free of distraction.

The Playboy Stats:

ENGINE: 3.5-Liter V6/4.6-Liter V8 (both BlueDIRECT)
HORSES: 306 hp (350 variant)/435 hp (500 variant)
RAD FEATURE: Vario-Roof: Transforms to Either a Coupe or Roadster
PRICE: Starts at approximately $118, 400
AVAILABLE: Orders opened December 15

Like most of these luxury cars we're still waiting for a price, but for now check out this amazing mini-movie MB has cooked up:

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  • Anonymous
    i dont see the point of this. either you want a fun srpots car that screams at you when you drive it or you want an economic every-day-car that doesnt look like a stealth fighter aircraft. these frankenstein experiments never work out, you just end up with another interesting but pointless prototype. put electric/hybrid engines in normal cars and leave the V8/10/12s in the muscle-/sports cars. i dont care how much torque a tesla has, its just weird to go that fast without a noise.