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Detroit Auto Show Round Up 2012, Part 2
  • January 19, 2012 : 20:01
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Courtesy of BMWUSA.

2013 MINI Roadster

BMW’s MINI family added a new member over the holidays with the introduction of the MINI Roadster. Building upon their standard Cooper, the turbocharged Cooper S, and John Cooper motorsport-tuned lines; the Roadster is a two-person cruiser that will definitely be at home rolling down the coast. Price points vary between the mid 20’s and 30’s so not only are these affordable, but they’re stylish. Will definitely make a good gift for the bunny in your life!

The Playboy Stats: Cooper/Cooper S/Cooper JC

ENGINE: 1.6-Liter 4-cylinder (Cooper) + twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection (Cooper S) + motorsport-customized (Cooper JC)

HORSES: 121 hp @ 6000 rpm/181 hp @ 5500 rpm/ 208 hp @ 6000

TANK: 13.2 Gallons

CONSUMPTION: 30/29 mpg combined city/hwy (manual/automatic)

PROJECTED RANGE: 462/449 miles (manual/automatic)

RAD FEATURE:  The tuned-up John Cooper Works package

PRICE: $25, 050/$28, 050/$35, 200



Check out the trailer here:

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  • Anonymous
    Rachel, Can you drive a manual?
  • Anonymous
    This is a nice car .