Deus Ex Machina Surf-Cycle

By Playboy Staff

Don't waste time with a dinky scooter, get a bike that will rule the streets and the surf.

This choice roadster is just what a multi-tasking beach-bum needs: a banging cruiser to bring him to the sand and a side-rack for that freshly-waxed surfboard to thrash gnarly waves. Recently unveiled at Deus ex Machina’s new Canggu, Bali showroom, aptly dubbed Deus ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm, this custom-made cruiser resulted from numerous requests for the Deus ex Machina folks from riders who love to hang ten. Surfing and motorcycles are such a part of Bali they’re nearly weaved into the fabric of the culture, and Deus strengthens that bond with this surf-cycle customizable option that attaches firmly to the frame of the bike and takes less than a minute to mount and dismount. Next time you find yourself looking for a killer babe-slaying bike, avoid that dinky scooter shop and check out one of Deus ex Machina’s rad rides.

(via BlessThisStuff)


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