Dinner with Mei-Ling Does the Masters

By Mei-Ling Lam

Mei-Ling heads to the Masters on her Harley to check out the food and men.

The few first things that pop into my head when I think of golf are exclusive clubs, reserved behavior, plaid pants and repressed horny men. But then again, there are horny men everywhere! But in all seriousness, golf is an amazing game. Over the past few days I was lucky enough to attend the festivities that go on during the Masters and I have to say that it was one of the greatest events I have ever attended.

The view I have always had of golf was that it was for people who enjoy taking part in a more reserved game and like indulging in fancy food or drinks. When in reality, it’s really quite the opposite! Yes, the golfers dress to impress but they eat the simplest of foods. Take for example egg salad sandwiches. Maybe not a whole lot of people enjoy or think of them as something to eat on a hot day, but at the Masters the egg salad sandwich is iconic! I would have never guessed. Then of course, I thought there must be a drink of choice at the Masters, similar to the Kentucky Dirby, but there isn’t. Absolutely everyone was drinking beer which is my kind of scene!     

What I really loved was all of the events that were going on throughout the past few days. Any ordinary Joe, a fan of golf or not, could go and have a riot! I hit up a place called the Pizza Joint which was serving up the biggest and most delicious slices I’ve ever had. I got what is called, “The Big One” since I love everything big! Whoever says size doesn’t matter is wrong and this pizza that I ate proved that. Between the ice cold beer and pizza, my mouth was in heaven, I couldn’t think of anything else that would top it. Until I heard that my next stop was Hooters!

Everyone knows if something big is going on, Hooters is hosting a wild party. But it’s not at every Hooters you can go and meet the infamous John Daly! While I was there he had beautiful girls selling his merchandise right out of his RV which worked us all into a hunger. We then went inside to get all the thighs, wings and breasts a man could possibly want. I always get the wings with extra sauce! Moist is always better, right fellas?

All in all, my trip to the Masters was a great and not at all what I expected. It definitely has a laid back casual atmosphere and serves up some great food! A BIG Thank You to Dr. Bob for being my tour guide and showing us all a good time! 


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