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By Jayde Nicole

Get Jayde's tips on staying true to your fitness goals when you're away from home.

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This Week: Stay in Shape While on Vacation

Vacations are all about taking a break from the daily grind. The problem? With all the pina coladas, all-you-can-eat buffets and relaxing on the beach your fitness and diet routine can go flying out the window. You’ve put in so much work and made great progress, so don’t let your time away from home push you further away from your goals. Instead, use it to learn fun new workouts and stay on track.

Try Some Water Sports

The great thing about being on vacation is that you usually have a beautiful beach and warm ocean at your disposal. Switch up your workout routine by adding some fun water sports. Paddle-boarding is a great, low-impact way to work your legs and butt and tone your abs. Learning how to surf is a fun experience. Whether you become a pro or can’t get up on your board, you will get an amazing upper-body workout. Kayaking is another one of my favorite things to do while on vacation. You get a great full-body workout, torch some calories and you get to adventure around the island. Whatever you do, just get yourself in that water, get moving and have fun.

Eat Like an Islander

If your vacation is in a tropical destination you are surrounded by freshly picked fruits, crisp vegetables and fresh-off-the-boat seafood. Take advantage of the local foods and fresh fare and avoid all the fatty packaged foods you can get back home. Another key rule is to avoid the buffet if you cannot control your portions. When people go to a buffet they tend to get this overwhelming feeling that they need to eat their money’s worth, which leads to excessive overeating. Ditch the loaded plates, save the money and just order what you want.

Pack Your Workout Clothes

Don’t forget those running shoes when you’re packing up your suitcase. When people pack several workout outfits, their running shoes, iPod and anything else they normally have with them at their regular gym they are more likely to hit the weights. That said, being prepared is only half the battle; you have to make the effort. Leave your shoes at the front door so you see them every day. Putting your workout clothes on top of your other clothes helps too!

Walk, Don’t Ride

Most resorts have a bus or trolley system to get you around—to and from the pool, beach, restaurants and, yes, even the gym. Choose to take in the beautiful scenery and walk everywhere instead. Those trips back and forth every day for a week will add up to some great calories burned and leg toning, not to mention it’s better for the environment.

Explore Your Destination

You picked this spot for a reason, right? So go and check it out! Take a hike or rent a bike and go on an adventure. You may find some beautiful spots you can only get to by foot. At the same time you will be getting in some great cardio without even noticing. Book a tour of the island or town. Learn about the culture by taking a walking tour around the city and local landmarks. This is a great low intensity exercise that the entire family can do while getting to see the sites.

 These are just some of the many ways you can keep active while on your vacation. You want to keep your beach body in top shape, right? Then don’t let your progress slide, even while you’re supposed to be relaxing. Use your vacation to boost your workouts and you’ll come back tanner and sexier than when you left!

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