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Extreme Tourism
  • June 27, 2012 : 15:06
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When it comes to international security of late, the only thing that can cause a global freak-out faster than Iran playing hooky with U.N. Atomic Inspectors is North Korean military antics. Now led by hot-headed late-twenty-something Kim Jong-un, whose apparent need to placate the legacies of his infamous father and grandfather seems to consist of threatening all his neighbors with imminent doom and testing nuclear arms delivery missiles that never seem to work. That being said, the world’s most unstable quasi-nuclear nation is still technically at war with its southern brethren, which makes a trip to the dividing line a must for any adventurous visitor. Considering the number of deaths over the years from accidental incursions, illegal tunnels and other obscurities (including the aforementioned war possibilities), this is definitely a thrill stop.

Check it out HERE.


You know that feeling when traveling in the U.K. the first time you start driving on the “wrong side of the road”? Take that sense of wrongness, add some speed, language confusion and at least 2000 feet of sheer drop and you will have found yourself at North Yungas Road in Bolivia, also known as the Road of Death (cue grave musical motif). As this 40-mile stretch between La Paz and Coroico claims an estimated 200 to 300 lives per year, it’s no wonder the Inter-American Development bank has named this trip the “world’s most dangerous road.” If the dust, fog and speeding locals don’t kill you, trying to pass an oncoming car with less than 10 feet of space between you and death is one adventure you might be literally taking to the grave. Check out the good guys over at Top Gear testing it out a few years back (above); at least they had a film crew to fish them out if need be!

Check it out HERE.

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