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Facetime with Gabi
  • September 14, 2013 : 07:09
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Our Facetime this week features Gabi, a model from Budapest, Hungary, who spills on her wildest story from set, her passion for sports and what makes a good kisser. Describe yourself in three words.

Open, precise and strong-minded. You’ve modeled for the last six years. Tell us your wildest story from on set.

I really have to think, because after six to seven years in this business you see some crazy stuff. Once I shot with a young male model for a fashion project, but it got quite sexy and steamy by the end of the shooting...nothing with a photographer, though. Have you ever had a strange celebrity encounter?

I have been invited once to a Lady Gaga concert in Paris, to the VIP. It was pretty cool; I was sitting next to Marc Jacobs, behind me was Dita Von Teese. After the show we went backstage where I could meet Lady Gaga. Of course, we didn't talk; she just came for a few minutes and left. I was introduced to Marc Jacobs, but honestly I had no idea what to tell him; I was so embarrassed. What makes a good kisser?

Don't use too much tongue; I think it's not the mouth that girls want to be wet after a kiss. You’re a 32B cup. Do you prefer small or large breasts, and why?

I prefer a nice shape, either large or small. I am completely happy with my breasts though. What draws you to nude modeling?

I just love the female body; it is one of the nicest things in the world. I love posing nude, because I think it is a piece of art when you create a photo with a naked woman in it. Just think about the old paintings in museums. Besides, it is much more challenging than just shooting in clothes. You cannot really hide any flaws; you really have to know your best angles. What do you bring to the Playboy brand that is unique?

One thing is that I am from Europe; girls from there have a different kind of look. Probably also the fact that I am all natural, nothing is fake on me. Also how I was posing on the shoot for Playboy; I think I am not the type who has a completely obvious sexiness; it comes from inside. This can be seen in my posing as well, it is not too strained. You mention in your behind-the-scenes video your passion for sports. What is your favorite sport and why?

I go to the gym regularly. I just started to do yoga for flexibility and relaxation. My favorite sport is surfing; I wish I had more chance to go where the good waves are. In Europe I guess the closest is in Portugal or France, so not that close to my country. You stand at 5’4”. What is the best part about being so tiny?

I fit easier in an image? Okay, that’s a joke! In the end, height does not really matter. I like that I am well-proportioned, that is more important. But usually guys love tiny girls, this is my experience. How do we win your heart?

Honesty is important, even if it hurts sometimes. You have to have a sense of humor. You cannot be judgmental if you want to be around me. Lastly, I cannot stand people who are stressful all the time, either friends or a boyfriend. I hate when someone stresses me out. What is the best way to get a woman to say yes to a date?

Just be yourself, I think; we cannot act like someone else for long anyway. But it is always the girl who decides, and usually a couple of minutes of conversation is enough already, and she can see if she is ever going to say yes to a date. Can you share your biggest turn-on with us?

When I can see that I turned the guy I am with on. When do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest in high heels and a sexy black dress that nicely follows my shape and red lips. What are your goals for the coming months?

Just to do the same things as lately: working, traveling. I could use a long holiday soon, though. I already have my ticket to France: Paris and Bordeaux for 10 days in October.

For more of Gabi, follow her on Twitter @modelgabriella or like her on Facebook.

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