Fake It 'Til You Make It Staycation: NYC

By Playboy.com Staff

Can't afford to travel like the one percent? Why not fake it for the weekend? We show you how to take NYC by storm.

Since we’re all inundated with the news that we’ll probably stay in a recession for most of the next decade, living the high life and vacationing abroad still remains a fantasy. But hey, just because you can’t live like the one percent and escape to Africa or South America doesn’t mean you can’t vacay like a celebrity until those Facebook stock options decide to head north. Instead, learn to embrace what you have and attempt some dramatic flair in faking it for now. A staycation is the perfect occasion, and here in NYC you can pretend to be anything you want: a stock broker, a CEO — you be the judge. Here’s our guide to the essentials of a weekend in town where you can live like the rich and famous on a fairly modest budget.


While you used to need a six-figure salary to get into the driver’s seat of a luxury set of wheels, on your dream staycation they can all be yours, courtesy of Enterprise’s new Exotic Collection fleet. Available in most major cities, customers can deck themselves out with the latest and greatest models on the road, which is always key when attempting to give off the impression of affluence, prestige and power. Feeling sporty? We’d suggest the Maserati GT Coupe, the Porsche Boxster or a slick BMW Z4 roadster. If space, comfort and presence are your desire, how about one of Mercedes-Benz’ G550 Rover-style beasts? Or if you’re really trying to live large, perhaps the Cadillac Escalade ESV? Whatever you decide on, this service is quick, easy and affordable (running less than $500/day). Forget just looking the part; you need to drive the part.


While your far-east Bronx bachelor pad would be a lovely place for you to bring the hot socialite or sexy exec you find downtown, attempting to explain why you live in the boonies and have to resort to the late-night subway to get home might raise a few eyebrows. Driving back in your (borrowed) luxury hot rod also isn’t the best idea, as that thing will be gone 60 seconds after you’ve stumbled up your crumbling stairs. Instead of splurging on a hotel, which would be a dead giveaway, act the part with a luxury vacation rental on the Upper East Side or Soho. Check out a service like www.homeaway.com, which lets you browse residents’ gorgeous pads across the city, then reserve online within your price range. For bonus cred, throw a few photos of yourself around the place and hide any child-related memorabilia that might be lingering.


Schmoozing around town at the hottest lounges, nightclubs and supper clubs on your fake-it staycation means that your ugly vintage prom suit and outdated Target apparel isn’t going to cut it. Instead, step it up a notch with a luxury designer rental for the night. Having the celebrity-style offerings of the hottest new YSL, Dior Homme or Helmut Lang attire fresh and ready for you to hit the red carpet doesn’t mean you need to fork out the $4K-plus you’d pay buying one of these designer suits. We’d suggest checking out an online retailer like Cloak Wardrobe to browse the selection and sizes, then heading over to www.tiesociety.com to have the sickest-looking ties and cufflinks sent over to complete the look, Netflix subscription–style!


Forget escorts or strippers, the real mark of a successful man is one who exudes enough confidence, class and suavity to pick up any hot young thing he lays eyes on. For the majority of us, however, striking up a conversation with the sexy blonde out with her girlfriends can be a death wish without the right wingman by your side. While bringing along your tongue-tied buddy may work at the country bar where you guys learned to keg stand, New York women are fairly cutthroat when it comes to who they pass their phone number to at the end of the night (or the next morning, if you’re lucky). We’d suggest hiring your own wingwoman; chicks are 10 times more open to a guy when introduced to them by another female, signaling a sort of all clear on the creep factor. Wingwomen.com has been providing quality hookups for almost a decade, and for just $75/hour, you’ll be guided by your expert “date” into the most fun situations you’ve had in years. But remember, as Wingwomen founder Shane Forbes states, “They’re not dates…they’re a dating tool.” Fine by us if they get the job done!

[Editor’s Note: Use the discount code “PLAYBOY1” in the www.tiesociety.com store for 50% off of your first month’s membership in the 3 tie plan]


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