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Shelter from the Storm: All-Weather Jackets
  • August 19, 2012 : 14:08
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Anyone familiar with the four-season calendar year will tell you that these transitional times, the spring and fall, can be trying. They’re indecisive and temperamental, never quite sure if they’re coming or going, raining or snowing, sunny or blowing or just plain cold. It is (almost) officially coat season, and rather than have you outside in a yellow slicker and waders or worse, a poncho, we’ve prepared the finest selection of functional fall and all-weather jackets for your perusal. Enjoy.

Urban: Nau Succinct Trench Coat

This caviar plaid trench coat from Nau Succinct brings all-weather outback qualities to the big city. Complete with detachable hood for those days when you don’t really need it, this trench coat with its 2.5-layer laminate is wind- and waterproof but breathable, comes complete with four multi-purpose and protected pockets and fuses all the style of the traditional mac coat with the functionality of a rain jacket. 

Outdoors: Fjällräven G-1000 Greenland No 1 Jacket

First crafted in Sweden and sewn from durable tent fabric, Fjällräven's most classic jacket was originally designed for climbers, lending to its simple, form-fitting design and unrivaled durability. Though it comes with a more outdoorsy, rustic look not particularly suited to city style, it is by far the top choice among those who like to be warm and dry and look good doing it. 

The Windy City: Paul Smith Beige Workwear Jacket

Maybe the weather doesn’t call for rain, making the waterproof look kind of over the top. No sweat. Paul Smith’s beige workwear jacket is the modern take on the classic mac coat. With a less emphatic collar in front (though still popped enough in the back to keep the chill off), this look brings all the classic 1950s style to today’s streets without making the wearer look like a clichéd private eye. 

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