Fall Fashion: Backpacks

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Straight from the shelves of Joshu + Vela (and come full circle from way back in the day) comes one the Fall's hottest trends: backpacks</p>

You probably abandoned the backpack some time ago, back in your grade school days perhaps, at about the same time you became super self-aware and suddenly very conscious of your style choices. Something about the staple L.L.Bean bag with your initials carefully sewn into the cloth just didn’t sit right with your ever-evolving (and, upon further reflection, awful) style.

All told, it was probably the right move at the time; even slinging the thing over one shoulder went out with the Fresh Prince, Full House and Family Matters. But fashion trends always tend to come full circle, on an infinite slow loop, and so in 2013 we find ourselves back to backpacks.


The trend may have resurfaced, or at least picked up steam, with the advent of nerd chic in the new NBA: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook walking into press conferences like it was the first day of school. But it’s since been refined: less nylon, more leather; less multipurposed and -pocketed, more sleek khaki and military. Building a backpack today, one that fuses form and function with fashion, is less about mass market and more about quality material.

Which brings us to Joshu+Vela, crafters of some truly quality packs. Simple, durable, sophisticated, Joshu+Vela have gone to great lengths to ensure that each product is put together using only the finest materials and have taken care to keep the modern man in mind: all backpacks (crafted by hand in their San Francisco studio) are built to house your standard laptop and have enough compartments tucked away in their sleek design to carry just about anything you might need in a hurry.

As far as fashion goes, they fit right in. The trend seems to favor browns, blacks and grays, subdued colors designed to draw the attention not to the pack, but to the fashion-forward man brave enough to venture back to the schoolyard.

Check out all the offerings from Joshu + Vela (modeled by the always lovely Elena Romanova) at Joshuvela.com or see the inpsiration for their products on their Tumblr.


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