The Brand: wings+horns

By Staff

In a world where style often trumps substance, be thankful for wings+horns, a company that caters to both and compromises neither.

“Inspired to combine Canadian elements with Japanese quality, wings+horns has established itself as a lifestyle brand that integrates classic fits with a utilitarian style.”

We couldn’t have said it any better.

Quite frankly, we’ve fallen in love with what this Canadian company has to offer. Founded in 2004, wings+horns has shattered the mold for what it means to be a lifestyle brand. Not only are they in step (and sometimes a step ahead) with seasonal styles, but their practical and functional approach ups the ante again over your average, everyday outerwear provider.

In fact, we wouldn’t even call them that. “Outerwear provider.” It’s far too crass a term for a brand with a proven ability to step outside itself, to push the limits of what it can do while staying true to its founding principles: to bring to the market a product that is both serviceable and stylish.

Take for example their latest line:

Inspired by the idea of “freedom and aimless wandering” and drawing inspiration from the nomads of central Asia, the collection, with its classic tailoring and darker aesthetic, borrows plenty from some of fall’s fastest rising trends: the cotton camo jacquard button-down as an accent to a solid wool/cashmere crewneck and military-style service jacket recalls the fusion of patterns and texture; the mac coat in its simplicity reminds us of the longer cuts and straighter lines that have ruled the runways in 2012; and the lambskin leather jacket, Alaskan merino vest and camouflage jacquard bush pant are a sound-off not only to leather and texture, but to black.

But above all else, above even their profound sense of style, is their dedication to detail and craftsmanship, which is really what makes this brand stand out. In an age where we sometimes value style over substance, wing+horns brings both to the table and compromises neither. 


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