Fall Fashion: Fur

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>One of Fall's hottest trends, brought to you in one of the hottest ways possible. </p>

[Editor’s Note: We’d like to point out that no animals were harmed in the making of this shoot, nor does Playboy.com condone the use of real fur in the name of fashion. When we refer to fur in the following we are referring to faux fur and would like to further point out that countless models who have appeared in our pages—including Pamela Anderson and Olivia Munn—have made a point to pose nude for PETA for just this reason.]

Paisley and floral patterns might be daring, camouflage tricky, but these fall 2013 trends pale in comparison to the risk/reward associated with fur. 

For starters, there will always be a wide circle of critics, ranging from the mildly offended to the militant, ready and willing to mark you (sometimes literally) as a pariah. Fur, whether faux or genuine, is what you might call a wedge issue; you’re either for it or against it, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground. 


Once you’ve decided you’re in, we’re of the belief that you are all-in. There is no pussyfooting around fur; you need to wear it like you’re taking lives in Westeros. In the words of our good friends over at Fashion Beans, “a certain masculine swagger will be necessary to pull this off.”

Your focus should be on outerwear: coats, gloves and scarves. If you’re living in the East Village (or somewhere similar), just fucking go for it with something like this. If you’re living outside these bastions of absurdity, something a little more reserved might be in order: we suggest accenting collars and hoods. And for those of you fond of the trend but living out where the snows are light, a vest would certainly suffice.

For the more prim and proper, a thick woolen trench coat lined and accented with fur will turn heads (and, as we’ve said, in some instances, roll eyes).

All told, fur, be it an accent or a full-bore fashion statement, will draw attention, both wanted and not. But regardless of your feelings toward this trend, it, like winter, is coming. 


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