Fall Fashion Preview: The Fall 2013 Color Palette

By Megan Collins

<p>Playboy.com's Fall Fashion Preview kicks off this week with a look at the Fall 2013 color palette courtesy Style Girlfriend.</p>

It is worth noting that style is—or perhaps should be—a reflection of oneself; that it is most certainly an arena to which “to each his own” is a sound adage to apply. That said, you don’t have to look at yourself. Others do. And no one more so than your girlfriend.

It is with that in mind that we teamed up with Megan Collins of StyleGirlfriend.com to dissect the color trends of the 2013 fall season and deferred to her discerning taste when it comes to the correct pairing of this season’s color palette.

And so, without further ado:

  • Women love a man who’s not afraid of a little—or heck, a lot of—color. Incorporate this luxe shade into your fall wardrobe to show you know your way around the color wheel.

    Mykonos Blue - Navy is great, but a brighter blue adds visual interest. Wear as a neutral in suits or jackets once the weather cools.

    Linden Green - This light yellowish green hue looks classic and cool this season when paired with shades of brown.

    Acai - The superfood that’s also a super hue. Pair your purple with red or orange (known in color theory as “analogous” shades) for a complex, elegantly mixed outfit.


  • A bold red, this fall shade can be dressed up or down in outerwear accessories, from a fun, bright beanie to a stately cashmere scarf.


  • Not for the faint of heart. Featuring this “look at me” accent color anywhere in your outfit makes a statement as soon as you enter the room. Wear with confidence, and a smile.

    Deep Lichen Green - Another bold hue to treat like a neutral. Top your workaday look with a sweater or blazer in this elegant, mossy green; it feels perfectly masculine for fall.


  • As decadent as the wine for which it’s named, this rich red anchors any look a man may wear this fall.


  • This stormy gray shade can—and should!—be worn as an alternative to basic black in the bleak winter months ahead.

    Carafe - A warm, rich brown that looks good from head (a smart chapeau) to toe (leather wingtips, anyone?).

Megan Collins is the face of and brains behind Style Girlfriend, the website she founded in 2009. Originally a men’s style blog, Style Girlfriend has since evolved into a one-of-a-kind lifestyle destination featuring confidence-boosting insight from Collins and her contributor “girlfriends” aimed at guys who want to up their game.

Through a mix of written and video content, Collins and her brigade of knowledgeable “girlfriends” dispense friendly advice (no eye rolls allowed) to help guys do better when it comes to style, food, fitness, home and travel. Style Girlfriend appears regularly in fashion, menswear and lifestyle publications and websites, including GQ, Esquire, Lucky, Metro, Huffington Post and Men’s Health.

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