Fall Fashion: Redux

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>Catch up on Playboy's Fall Fashion Preview 2013, plus get a look behind the scenes with Yevgenia Diordiychuk.</p>

When we were deciding how exactly we would present Playboy.com’s 2013 Fall Fashion Preview, we mulled over a couple of options: we could have taken to the trenches, guerilla shooting street style in the thoroughfares of major metropolitan cities, posting them frantically on Instagram with less the funny captions. But that seemed laborious. We could have sorted through the relentless runway images from Fashion Week and compiled a gallery, but that seemed dull and passé. Like it had been done to death. We could have shot the products at sunset, laid out on rustic wooden backdrops and sponsored to high heaven, but that didn’t seem quite right.

Instead, we got five of our favorite models together, dug up some body paint and produced ten totally new shoots, highlighting the best of what the Fall fashion season has to offer. As for the fashion, well, let’s just say we stuck with the adage less is more…

So in case you missed Playboy.com’s Fall Fashion Preview 2013, allow us to recap it for you. Or rather, allow Yevgeniya Diordiychuk, Elena Romanova, Victoria Marquez, Erica Grisby and Lina Sav recap it for you. 

Click the photos below to see the full galleries

   Fall Fashion: Color Trends        Fall Fashion: Paisley        Fall Fashion: Burgundy

   Fall Fashion: Gray Suits           Fall Fashion: Florals                Fall Fashion: Ties

   Fall Fashion: Backpacks    Fall Fashion: Camouflage            Fall Fashion: Fur

        Fall Fashion: Tribal           Fall Fashion: BTS Video      Fall Fashion: Sneak Peek



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