No One Knot: The Art of Scarves

By Staff

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes and have recently migrated to different seasons. But we sorted through the rubble to find this season's best.

Every year at about this time, men of a certain pedigree and sophistication must decide how they intend to prepare for the cold months ahead. It’s fall (it’s almost fall) and in the words of one of our favorite secret nerdy indulgences: winter is coming.

Enter the scarf: a time-honored tradition shared among all walks of life, everyone from overprotective mothers to hipsters trending about in the dead of summer. There is indeed a wide spectrum of wearers, a great divide among those who don the scarf, but there is simply no easier way to accent a look, any look, than with one. Be it a classic winter scarf with a classic winter coat or, in the case of Christmas in California, a lighter focal point scarf with a lighter leather jacket, the scarf serves to bring color and complexity to an otherwise simple outfit. The only real trick is knowing which knot goes with which.

The Classic: Burberry

It’s hard to go wrong with a Burberry scarf. The pattern is universally identifiable and never in ill repute. No one will ever look down on a Burberry scarf. With that, a caveat: it is to be worn with higher end, more refined fall/winter clothes. The pea coat comes to mind or something in the knee-length, black or gray variety. Tie with a Peresian Knot. 

The Focal Point: McQueen, YSL (pictured, left) and Givenchy

While the Burberry scarf combines both fashion and function, these scarves with some pretty notable names behind them tend more toward the fashion side of things. That is to say, they might not keep you warm in the middle of a Northeastern winter. But they will keep you fashionable; though muted in their base color, the scattered pattern provides a bit of pop against a solid backdrop. Tie with a wrap-around.

If the YSL cashmere blend birds scarf doesn’t do it for you perhaps the Alexander McQueen signature skulls, the Givenchy navy beetles or this Paul Smith black jellyfish scarf could do the trick.

Form and Function: Alpaca

Finally comes the wholly functional scarf from our fine furry friend, the alpaca. Alpacas are these things and they’ve become something of a presence in the comfortable clothing discussion. As a scarf, alpaca wool is not only exceptionally soft but incredibly warm, and though alpacas are not naturally patterned in houndstooth in the wild, we’ve managed to add a bit a style to their woven wool. Tie with a wrap-around knot.


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