Suit Week: The Tie

By Staff

Which piece of clothing ties a look together? The tie of course.

Okay. So we know how a suit should fit, and we know what to look for in terms of picking a quality product. We’ve been over textures, trends, colors and cuts, but now it’s time to get down to business with the piece that pulls everything together (or has the capacity to throw it all into disarray): the tie.

This may seem like highfalutin praise for a little piece of fabric, but take heed: if you consider the tie just “a little piece of fabric,” we might be done here. There may be nothing more we can teach you; best to just say our good-byes and part ways as estranged acquaintances.

For those of you who do know what we’re talking about, you know that the tie is (literally) the centerpiece of a suit. It can say so much: it can be understated for dapper dress, overstated for an eccentric accent, textured for depth (not to mention a certain trend we’ve talked a lot about), or just plain black to capture that clean, classic, oh-so-European look.

And seeing as the tie market is bountiful, as full of as many pleasant surprises as it is pitfalls, we’ve pulled a few of our favorites for Fall 2012 for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure.


These two offerings from Dolce & Gabbana are a shining example of the understated look: simple, elegant, they don’t draw attention away from the suit, they complement it. The twill silk offers just enough texture to bring a look to life, while the mini dots have a subtle yet signature allure. Givenchy’s black silk tie (right) combines all the simplicity of the narrow tie look with a name the wearer can get behind. Remember, when it comes to ties, Shakespeare got it wrong; there is indeed much in a name.


Not so overstated that you might as well match it with enormous shiny shoes and a big red nose, but overstated enough that good company will have to take notice. Again we have two offerings from the same designer, Valentino Garavani: his geometric-patterned silk has a kind of retro feel, a pattern that will keep you ever so slightly ahead of the curve while the all-over dots in woven silk pop in their own contrasting patterns. Finally, Roberto Cavalli reminds us again what a name can do for even the simplest of ties with his signature lines print, also made from woven silk. 


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