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Suit Week: The Perfect Fit
  • August 20, 2012 : 17:08
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Before we dive into the wide world of suits, there are a few things you should know, standards of dress if you will. There is more to a suit then simply putting the right one on; all facets (and there are many) of the suit have to be in place and fit your frame. Put simply, a suit should suit you.

As a rule, the sleeve cuff should rest comfortably at the base of the thumb, be tight enough that it doesn’t slide up and long enough that it doesn’t slide back when the arms are extended. The shoulder seam lining up with the edge of your own shoulder is generally a good indicator of proper fit. 

Collars vary and accompany various looks. Your standard point collar typically calls for a slimmer tie or knot and tends to slim the face.

The spread, so named because it has a much wider spread between the two points, usually calls for a larger knot, like a Windsor.

The button-down is a comfortable cross between the two and can go either way.

For those looking to take their look outside the box, the banker’s collar, re-popularized by the infamous Bill Lumbergh of Office Space fame, offers the wearer a more distinct look, though it tends to work better sans jacket.

The rounded club collar, which has been resurfacing among fashion’s elite, also offers the wearer a little flourish from the norm, but requires a very thin tie and a certain air of confidence to pull off.

Finally, the tabbed collar — which when worn open has an air of sophistication — is used to pull and hold the tie closer to the top button of the shirt, keeping the knot tight and in place throughout the day.

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  • Anonymous
    I wonder if Neil Patrick Harris knows as much about suits as his character Barney Stinson. Playboy, tell your girls to Birthday Suit Up!