The Trend: Leather Bound

By Staff

Every so often something comes back around that we can all appreciate. This season, it's leather.

We’ve just about covered the basics: colors, patterns, cuts. The last thing on our list is textures, and the one that will take center stage this season has already come full circle several times. From James Dean circa 1955 to the Fonz in ’75, Sid Vicious in ’79, Michael Jackson in the ’80s, The Matrix in the ’90s and Tyler Durden in the early 2000s, leather in various incarnations has made the rounds, and this year it’s going lightweight.

This all makes a lot of sense; with designers opting for cleaner cuts, one can’t go wrong with uncomplicated leather. With patterns crossing over into textures and all the clashing that accompanies it, leather was bound (no pun intended) to be in play. With black on its way back (black is the new black, everybody), leather was a no-brainer. So let’s review what we’ve already learned thinking along the lines of this tried-and-true texture.


You can’t really go wrong with a standard-fare, Fonzie-esque black leather jacket, but this season you’ve got options. Be it Steve or Alexander, the McQueens have leather on lock with this MCQ slim-fit padded biker jacket. But with brown making the rounds, Selected has stepped up with their Liverpool Leather (left), a look that comes correct in both texture and tone.


Mismatched patterns and textures, right? We already told you about ASOS Fleece Gilet, but for the more formal among us this leather-lapeled suit jacket will keep you in the loop. Or these ASOS Saddle Shoes with leather soles. For the more casual/those concerned with the weather, this Digby Leather Patch jacket (left) by Minimum should do the trick.


With looks getting longer this season, we find little fault with the ¾ length leather jacket, so long as it doesn’t descend into a consciousness-questioning cyberpunk spiral. The good news is military cuts are still favored by the in-crowd, so something like this Diesel Lisardo jacket (left) in all its epauletted glory is great. 


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