The Trend: Stylish Socks

By Staff

This season, socks will take center stage as the ultimate accent and no, we're not talking about Hanes or any other kind you pick from a bag.

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Categorizing socks as a trend seems on the surface to be a tad incongruous with the natural order of things; socks after all are an everyday occurrence, unless of course your professional life revolves around the beach or a pool or a far-left, granola-fueled hippie commune. But this season, the article of clothing you give the least amount of thought to, the one we’ll forgive you for buying in bulk out of a bag, will take center stage as the ultimate accent.

In years past, this post has been held by such notable high fashion items as the tie, the pocket square and the ultimately divisive fedora. But in 2012 we’re branching out, showcasing the sock as the premier pièce de résistance for any well-fashioned man.

Which makes having a whole stock of socks a must; as they are an everyday article of clothing, you’ll need a healthy supply to keep the eye-catching allure alive. This trend extends to all walks of wear: formal, casual, business casual, everything. Never should you be caught without a captivating pair of socks. If you’re wearing jeans, roll them cuffs to show ’em off. For a formal occasion, they’ll stand out against the solid blues, blacks and browns of a suit. There are simply no restrictions on when these should be worn (maybe a funeral…a really formal, uptight funeral).

But look, maybe we’ve said too much, and what’s that expression? A picture is worth a thousand words? We’ll let you be the judge. Check out the gallery to see what our girls thought of this new trend; at the very least we can all agree that these socks look good on them...


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