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Fall Fashion: Tribal
  • September 14, 2013 : 15:09
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There is no sense trying to discern the origin of any given tribal trend; they are an amalgamation of styles, drafted by designers from varying locales and fused together to create what we call fashion.

Back in 2009, it was in vogue to keep it to form, to rock not only the patterns but the garments on which they were traditionally worn. But a mere five years in the future, the trend has become to weave these often complex and colorful patterns through typically Western styles.

Things like T-shirts from Topman, Wholesale7 and Rehacer. Collared shirts from Cream and straight vintage finds like this. Sweaters like any of the carefully curated beauties found on this, the best fucking Tumblr ever. And, of course, jackets, courtesy of our good friends over at Hiptipico.

Yes, this is indeed a trend that has assimilated seamlessly into our culture, but, as you’ve probably noticed, it has steered clear of the upper crust, the suit-and-tie types; while florals and paisley have certainly made their mark, tribal seems to be a trend best suited to the streets.

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