Gadget Geek's Guide to Father's Day

By Gadget Geek

If your Dad loves gadgets, he'll love any of these gifts for Father's day!

Consider this a public service announcement: June 17th is Father’s Day. You have exactly eleven days left to get your old man the perfect gift to show just how much he means to you. While you’re looking, you can go sign up for the That’s My Boy Sweepstakes we’re currently holding, which gives you a chance to go to any Playboy Golf event with your dad, but signing up for that and hoping for the best is a major gamble. Just like us, our dad is a major gadget geek. He loves his cameras, catches E3 updates live through Twitter and would never dare leave the house without his smartphone. If your father fits that description, here are some great gadgets to buy your dad that we’re positive he’ll love. 

Humminbird 360 Imaging Fish Finder

Remember all of that incredible footage James Cameron released when he went down and shot the never-before-seen interior of the Titanic? I bet nine out of ten dads wished that they could use that kind of technology to better their days out on the lake chasing their big fish. Humminbird, a company that has been cornering the market on sonar technology for years, has released a new product, 360 Imaging, which gives anglers a detailed 360° view of what’s around their boat. This product also one-ups competitors by having the option to see up to 150 feet in front of the boat, “either in full 360 mode or by isolating your sweep area.” For more information, check out their site here:

Price: $570

Specs: Isolate sweep areas, preset views, mark waypoint, adjust color, split view screens

Denon Networking Home Theater Reciever

Has your dad spent the last few years of his retirement buying all of the bells and whistles to create one of the most ridiculous home theaters this side of the Mississippi. No matter what your father has purchased along the way, we can almost guarantee it will be able to plug into one of the new Denon Networking Home Theater Receivers that are not only able to work with new 3D televisions, but are also AirPlay compatible — a pretty cool plus. Through AirPlay, you’re able to stream music from any of your iOS devices, Pandora, Sirius XM or anything with iTunes installed (Microsoft products included) from anywhere in the room wirelessly. This receiver will cost you about $2,000, but with its seven HDMI inputs and seven 125-watt channels for big sound, your dad won’t need to buy another receiver again for quite some time. Buy Here

Price: $2,000

Specs: 4k video support, AirPlay, power amplifiers for all 7 channels, 3D pass-through technology, 7 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs

Audyssey Audio Dock

If your dad is constantly sending you iMessages full of emojis and photos of your family dog, a gift that marries technology and his iPhone would be your best bet. We love the idea of having a speaker that can multitask while reducing  cords and mess on our computer desk and we discovered that the award-winning Audyssey Audio Dock does all of that without sacrificing the quality of the sound. What’s cool about this product is if your phone is docked and you receive a text or call, you can pick it up without stopping the music, or utilize its built-in speakerphone. You can also plug both of your computer speaker cables into the unit’s back to get rid of clutter on your desk. As for sound quality, the dock is equipped with BassXT for big lows and EQ so all of your songs are clear and balanced. Buy it here.

Price: $300

Specs: Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, computer connection, built-in speakerphone, iPhone app 

Olympus Tough Digital Camera

Whether he’s spending the day biking around the countryside or finally getting around to snorkeling, he will want to capture those few fleeting moments of perfect zen only a wise man like your dad can achieve. Olympus has recently come out with a digital camera that not only shoots great photos but is also waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and crushproof. It’s great for anyone who takes life by the horns and wants photographic proof to show what they’ve accomplished. The camera also shoots full HD videos in 1080p and has 5x 26 mm zoom capabilities. You can buy the camera, along with a bundle of other necessary accessories, for $340. Buy here.

Price: $340

Specs: Autofocus, waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, crushproof, subject recognition, exceptional low light performance


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