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Femme on Fire: Chantal Sutherland
  • February 14, 2012 : 20:02
  • comments I take it you don’t have a lot of personal time?

Sutherland: No…and I just got engaged. He, thank god, comes to watch me race. We don’t have a whole lot of time together. He’s actually allergic to horses! How does that work?

Sutherland: I don’t know, but every time I come home I have to stay in the garage and take off all my riding clothes and put them into the wash. I have to wash my hands and my face before touching him after working horses in the morning or he’ll break out with a rash or start sneezing. What was it like to work with Nick Nolte and Dustin Hoffman?

Sutherland: Really neat, they’re funny guys. Dennis Farina – he’s a trip. John Ortiz is really friendly. They are all funny and laid back. In the first episode Dustin gets fairly intense, almost scary to an extent. Would you say that comes off on set?

Sutherland: I think he’s a great actor; he can be scary – yeah. But that’s in the show, when you meet him in real life he’s funny, he’s so funny and good at making you laugh. What about Nick, did you work with him a fair bit?

Sutherland: He’s an interesting person. When he talks to you he captures your attention, he’s kind of mesmerizing, he’s an interesting person to talk to. You just stare at him and he’s just a deep, deep, person. What was your favorite on set-experience filming LUCK?

Sutherland: Being on the horses. Because of the cameras, you never know what a horse is going to do! Because different actors are on different scenes you won’t see Dustin or you won’t see Nick; but every once in a while at the end of the day everyone will get together and hang out. Did you get some bar nights out?

Sutherland: They did. We did all go out this one time! I did that once and I was exhausted, so I couldn’t go out with them again. It feels that every Thursday or Friday everybody would go out to a bar or for dinner. Could you outdrink them?

Sutherland: You know, some can drink and some can’t, but I need to ride in the morning. What sort of roles would you like to try out in the future?

Sutherland: Anything, I loved it. You know as a kid I’ve always been a bit of a performer; I can do different sorts of accents and always have been a bit of a silly joker. I like being a performer on a horse, and I like the whole excitement of being on stage. What would be a dream role?

Sutherland: In a drama – you know I love Angelina Jolie’s movies, even Nicole Kidman in Top Gun; she was a doctor but still had fun scenes. Wait that wasn’t Top GunDays of Thunder! Just in on the action, I want to kick some butt. You’ve been a horse jockey, played field hockey, and dabbled in piloting – male dominated fields. Growing up were you more of the tomboy or girly girl?

Sutherland: You know, it’s funny. I guess as a kid I was a bit tomboyish as I played sports. I was always dressed up in a dress but I didn’t mind getting dirty. Part of me is tomboyish loving sports and being competitive, but I love fashion and all that girly stuff. Do you bet as well?

Sutherland: We’re not really supposed to bet…you can bet yourself to win, but you can’t bet against yourself. Having said that, my fiancé will sometimes ask me what horses I like, and I’ll tell him but – it’s tricky. You don’t want to get too involved and I don’t want to change my thinking during the race either; I need to keep it clear. But when I’m done I might put a couple bucks down, maybe two or three times a year.  I hate losing money; whenever I lose money I’m like, “forget it.”

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