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First Impressions Playbook with The Internship's Josh Gad
  • June 05, 2013 : 15:06
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You only get one shot at your first impression. Unless you're a movie star; in which case, you get as many shots as you want. But that doesn't mean the second chance at a good first impression doesn't come without a catch. You may have to sacrifice your masculinity for a moment and submit to the volatile alchemy of the classic Hollywood makeover.

You may know Josh Gad from his hilarious turn as Elder Cunningham in Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Broadway hit, The Book of Mormon, a role he originated when the musical first hit the stage in 2011. Since then, Gad has been busy making appearances on television shows like New Girl and 1600 Penn. But now he's back in the new comedy The Internship, also starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The hilarious film had its Los Angeles premiere last week and we heard Josh was...a little under-prepared.

To get him ready for the red carpet, we teamed up with the good people at Axe Hair to give the funnyman the makeover of a lifetime, and we sent our very own Cybergirl Dani Mathers to catch up with him in the midst of it. Check it out now.

The Internship hits theaters this Friday, June 7.

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  • Booba
    Chicken and Beef are good together!
  • Booba
    LOLZ best comment ever. FEED THE CREAMZ
  • Tyson
    Gotta shine over that magoc rainbow
  • Robbie Sapp
    Robbie Sapp
    Well Playboy, you certainly know how to take me back to truffle Tokyo!
  • Melvin Smythe
    Melvin Smythe
    I want to tickle this mans libido so much!
  • James
    Ain't that the beef my friend
  • Chris Humphries
    Chris Humphries
    This man sickens me
  • Booba
    C'mon son the guys a legend!!!
  • Chris Humphries
    Chris Humphries
    Legend of what? Nobodies?
  • Booba
    Legend of eating quail eggs in his dressing room
  • Dana McGoo
    Dana McGoo
    Perfect structure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jacob Moolstrom
    Jacob Moolstrom
    It all shines forth, like a chunk of light in my love for you baby. That it would be, keep it bold, no one likes a troll that b-e-cones of old.
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