Playboy's First Kiss

By Staff

<p>Playboy's sexy take on the video that's captured the world. </p>

Last week, you and all your friends posted the charming “First Kiss” video on your Facebook wall. Or at least you “liked” it. Or at least you ogled it. We know you did because the video got over 60 million hits. That’s a lot of folks watching some good old-fashioned lip-locking. 

The deal: director Tatia Pilieva got 20 strangers smooching for the first time and filmed them sucking face. It went viral. And it was cute, for a clothing ad. Yes, that’s why the strangers were all so good looking—they were modeling Wren’s Fall 2014 line.

The world, once completely smitten, became outraged. They questioned whether the smoochers were sell-outs, how actors could deign to kiss for the ad man and whether or not those beautiful people were in love with each other by the end of the clip. It was a lot to process.

Then the outrage turned into humor, spawning a variety of spoofs. Even Jimmy Fallon played the “First Kiss” humor card with this video, “First Lick.”

But we’ve saved the best “First” for last: Playboy Radio got some Playboy models to kiss. It’s not a spoof. We’re completely sincere about this. We just agree with you all—watching beautiful people make out is a great idea. Hot strangers should make out all the time!

And ours is the steamiest version out there. 


PS: See the original “First Kiss” art project here.


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