Flo Rida Exclusive: He Answers Your Questions

By Playboy Staff

Flo Rida & Playboy.com team up to answer some fan questions for the release of his new album Wild Ones, on sale today!

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A few weeks ago, Flo Rida and Playboy announced that we were teaming up to celebrate the release of his new album Wild Ones, which drops online and in stores today. As thanks for our shout-out in his new single, we offered fans the chance to be a Playboy interviewer and ask Flo some questions about his sick new record, his past tracks and how he keeps things real. Check out the answers below to some of the best hard-hitting questions you posed, as well as some of the pictures of Miss April 2005 Courtney Culkin scoping out the new album alongside Flo. Make sure to pick up your copy of Wild Ones HERE. 

Luke Nicholls

Is there anyone you wanna do a song with that you haven’t?

I enjoy working with artists that think outside the box. There are several artists I would like to collaborate with, such as OutKast; I’ve always been a fan of the group.

Mouthpiece Prod

How does it feel to have all billboard chart songs?! You kill every song and it makes top chart numbers.

Thank you. It’s truly a blessing to have the amazing support of the fans.

Konrad Wall

Who did you collaborate with on this album?

Some of the artists I collaborated with on Wild Ones include Jennifer Lopez on “Sweet Spot,” RedFoo on “Run,” Sia on the “Wild Ones” single and Georgi Kay on “In My Mind, Pt. 2.”

Angélique Giry

What is your inspiration for this new album?

Wild Ones was inspired by my travels around the world. It was about my experiences with my fans all over the world and creating something they would all enjoy, no matter what continent they’re from.

Nicole Keith

What is the most inspirational song for you on the album?

“Good Feeling” is one of those songs that just give people a good feeling, but having the legendary singer Etta James sampled on the song is inspirational. I’m honored to have a piece of Etta James’ soulful legacy on “Good Feeling.”

Jennifer Mitchell

What significance do your tattoos have? I have several and each one has a significant meaning or story behind it.

Thought was put into all my tattoos. I have a tat of my sister’s name that passed away, a Bible verse, Jimi Hendrix – an artist I’m a fan of. I have lots of tattoos and they’re all significant to me.

TVebjørn Forthun

So far all your albums have sounded a bit different from each other, with some key aspects changing in every album. What is the signature sound of the upcoming one? And why this particular sound?

My travels around the world influenced the sound of my Wild Ones album and I wanted a sound that would appeal to all my fans.

Donna Rossiter

What one item can you not live without?

My faith.

Rishabh Mohan

Will you ever make a video of your workout?

Yes, you have to look out for it; a Flo Rida workout video is in the works.

David Elizarraras

Who motivated you to become a singer? How did you get the name Flo Rida?

Several things motivated me to pursue music, but I was inspired by my sisters who sang gospel music. The inspiration for my name came from the state of Florida where I’m from.

Blake Leul

You are the reason I love rap. My question is, how do you come up with those killer lyrics? Flo Rida, you are the best rapper and a tough one. I loved it when you dropped Heath Slater.

Thank you.

After I connect with the track, I like to work on the melody and then I create my lyrics.

Leo Bain

What is your inspiration when you write your music and why do you always have hot babes in your videos?

I’m inspired by giving my fans new opportunities to enjoy my work and having beautiful women in the videos helps create the sexy visual art we like to see.

Diana N.

What is your greatest achievement? What motivates you?

Being able to give back is one of the achievements I’m most proud of, and being able to show people where I’m from — if I can do it, you can too — continues to motivate me.

Quinten Van Goethem

Where do you get your inspiration and drive to continue making such good albums?

The fans enjoying my music drives me to move forward and the energy and feedback I receive at shows is part of what inspires me.

Ottar Thorstvedt

Who did you grow up listening to? Have you been interested in music all your life? Who has inspired you most?

I grew up listening to all kinds of music and I’ve been interested in music for most of my life. I’m inspired most by older, more soulful music.

Kings Nyongesa

You move crowds by the energy you put in your music; are you planning to do any soft music? Softer than “Whistle”?

Let me know how you feel about “Thinking of You” on the Wild Ones album; that may be the sound you’re asking about.


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