#FriskyFriday: February 7th 2014

By Playboy.com Staff

Add some spice to your fantasies this #FriskyFriday<br><p><br></p>

Are you working hard today? Be honest. We can’t blame you if you’re not putting in 110 percent; it’s only natural that your mind may be drifting, whether toward the weekend or a more outrageous fantasy. Why not make those fantasies a bit wilder by including the girls of #FriskyFriday.

Every week Playboy asks Playmates, models and random hot girls to submit their sexiest photos via Twitter using the hashtag #FriskyFriday. They then have the tough job of deciding which girls encompass the Playboy brand the best. Those who make the cut will make it to this page and are one step closer to becoming the weekly #FriskyFriday winner judged by the staff at Playboy!

If you are on Twitter, be sure to follow @PlayboyDotCom to check out our favorite photos being tweeted out. If you’re not on Twitter, just refresh this page throughout the day to catch the best of the best #FriskyFriday tweets.

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