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#FriskyFriday: January 27th 2012
  • January 26, 2012 : 21:01
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We can't speak for everyone, but the gloomy weather of January has gotten to us. It seems that none of us in the office are able to shake the winter blues. Luckily, the #FriskyFriday photos are in. Who would've thought sexy photos would cheer a group of workers up?

Every Friday @playboy asks Playmates and other gorgeous women to flaunt their best assets to the world by tweeting sexy self-pictures and including the hashtag #FriskyFriday. The girls who make it to this page are one step closer to being chosen as a weekly winner by none other than Hugh Hefner and Playboy's own Miss November 2010 Shera Bechard.

If you're not on Twitter, which we highly recommend, fear not! Simply refresh this page randomly throughout the day to catch the best #FriskyFriday TwitPics!

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