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#FriskyFriday: October 25th 2013
  • October 25, 2013 : 10:10
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It's getting colder out, and your friends and coworkers may be dreaming of hot cocoa and roaring fires. But you know the best way to warm up is with the girls of #FriskyFriday, when Playboy Playmates, Cybergirls and random internet hotties tweet us their sexiest selfies using the hashtag #FriskyFriday. It's our job to choose the best of the best, who then have the chance to become our weekly winner.

If you're on Twitter, follow @PlayboyDotCom to see all the photos as we tweet them out. If you're not on Twitter, make sure to refresh this page all day long to catch the best #FriskyFriday tweets.

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