#FriskyFriday: October 4th 2013: #Apocalypse Edition

By Playboy.com Staff

<p>The lovely ladies of #FriskyFriday are here to sweeten up the #Apocalypse, like only they can.<br></p>

If you spent the week feeling like it couldn’t possibly end quickly enough, you’re in luck! The week’s end is finally here, and that means it’s time for #FriskyFriday. Not-so-lucky point: it’s also the world’s end, and if you’re anything like us, Heaven might exist but they sure as hell won’t be letting you in. So for those of you stuck here for the next little while, we’ve asked some of our sexiest Playmates, Cybergirls and random internet hotties to give us their best #Apocalypse selfies, so you can pretend you have a nice lady by your side as you live out the end of days. And while you’re at it, pick up THIS IS THE END on Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack in stores now!

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