Gadget Geek Guide: iPhone Photographer

By The Gadget Geek

If you believe that cell phone photography is a gimmicky cop out for actual camerawork, you're taking yourself too seriously.

If you believe that cell phone photography is a gimmicky cop out for actual camerawork, you’re taking yourself too seriously. We are finished with the digital verses analog camera debate so let’s not go through the same with digital cameras and iPhone photography. Sure, you will produce a better quality product if you use a Canon EOS 60D, but why harp on those who want to use their camera phone? It’s nonsensical to complain about what is considered the proper way to produce a genuine photograph since most of the artists who are complaining about iPhone photography are using 100-200 dollar Holga Cameras, once given away as plastic toy prizes.

If we just accept phone photography as a new medium, and stop thinking about what is better than what, the technology in camera phone gadgets will no doubt improve and become more accessible and useful to the general public.

Macro Band

With such a simple design and purpose, you would think that the Easy-Macro band was already invented: It is just a rubber band equipped with a macro lens after all. What makes the Easy-Macro such a hot ticket item with photographers is its durability, sharp focus and instant access. This little iPhone gadget is one of our favorites. The only issue with this product is its thick band ends up covering the flash on an iPhone, but the close-up photographs it captures eclipses that small glitch.

Cost: $15


Fits on any cell phone

Includes card for storage in wallet

Sturdy band

Produces detailed photos

 Gilf iPhone Mount

This nifty tripod mount and stand for the iPhone 4 and 4s captures the highest quality snapshots and video you may not believe your camera phone can produce.  The curiously named Gilfis designed to fit any standard tripod or camera mount and is compatible with caseless iPhones. Do you know what that means? That’s right, more cinematic home videos.

If the thought of mounting your iPhone without the case on makes you feel weak at the knees, an additional piece is available. The Serif secures your phone to the tripod for more extreme shots.

Cost:  $20

Gilf+ package, includes the Serif, $30.


I/4” -2- thread

Made from recyclable plastic


Use to prop up iPhone for hands-free FaceTiming

The Flash Dock

This gadget may be more for your DSLR, but the merging of phone and camera got us pretty excited. The Flask Dock allows photographers to geotag and share pictures taken with their DSLR immediately through e-mail, SMS or cloud services (iCloud) with the help of their iPhone.  By plugging your iPhone and Flash Dock into your camera’s HotShoe socket (where you typically attach your flash gun) your phone immediately begins communicating with an EyeFi SD Card (an SD card which has WiFi capabilities) which users can upload the photos onto a third party through the EyeFi app in real time.

Cost: $34.99


Compatible with all standard tripods

Use level apps on your iPhone to adjust your cameras level functionality

iPhone flash can be used to help camera auto focus or as a soft flash

Record audio on your iPhone while filming

LiveAction Camera Remote

Though it doesn’t blow any of the other products out of the water; it’s nice to see that manufacturers are producing camera products that photographers have been using for decades. The Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote allows you to activate your iPhone or iPod Touch camera to snap a shot from up to 30 feet away without the use of wires. We can think of a few ways for women to use the camera remote, but those we will keep to ourselves. The remote also has a function that will trigger the video application on your iPhone as well as an app that uploads your photos and videos directly from your phone to various social media sites.

Cost: $50


Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter control

Two distinct buttons for photo and video

Detachable camera stand

Operational up to 30 ft

Intuitive app interface



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