Gadget Geek's Guide to The Winter

By Gadget Geek

Let’s face it: this cold weather is kicking our asses. If you do venture outside, these are the gadgets you need to.

Let’s face it: this cold weather is kicking our asses. We wish we could’ve pitched a story to our editor about vacationing somewhere warm or even something that would involve cuddling in a bed with a bevy of women, but we just didn’t foresee this wretched snow, sleet and wind. But if you are bold enough to brave the cold, these are the gadgets you need to optimize your time outdoors.

Oakley Airwave – GPS-Enabled Goggles

A couple of the guys around the office are diehard snowboarders, and this 40-below-zero weather isn’t making them flinch one bit now that there are so many wicked devices on the market designed to make every time they hit the slopes awesome. One piece of equipment we haven’t heard the end of is the Oakley Airwave GPS-enabled goggles which help riders see, track and share their speed, performance stats, jump analytics, navigation and more. These goggles even have a buddy tracking system that tracks your friends who also own the Oakley Airwave goggles or who download the app on their smartphones. Even cooler? They can connect to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android to let you see incoming calls and text messages. We foresee many “sick days” on the slopes with these goggles!

Gamer Next Door App Choice: X Games App for iPhone

If you live for the X Games, this app is for you. I LOVE that this app is year-round and full of awesome vids, bios and instant results of all six X Games Events in 2013; it’s actually kind of addictive! Well, not as much as the new Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Let me know what you think about the app by tweeting  @gamernextdoor.

Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet

Ever since we saw this Bell Rogue helmet we’ve been weighing the pros and cons of pooling our cash together to invest in a much-needed chopper. Really, how cool would it be to drive cross-country, picking up Playmates to keep us company along the way with this bad boy on? Its sleek vintage design, built-in speaker pockets and removable muzzle are built tough to ward off all elements you may encounter on the road. The helmet comes in four colors and is extremely comfortable and lightweight, with a magnetic connection that makes it easy to take the muzzle off whenever it isn’t needed. It’s safe to say we’ve never seen anything quite like this before and we love it!

Olympus Tough TG-2

Whether you’re spending your days skiing, building igloos or just taking a walk in this frigid winter wonderland, taking photos with your smartphone is completely out of the question. Who would want to take their gloves off in this weather? Olympus’s latest all-terrain camera Tough TG-2, released at this year’s CES, is setting the bar high for other tough-built models on the market. For one, its waterproof capabilities have been improved to depths of 15 meters, which will come in handy if you drop it into a snowbank or are participating in a polar bear dip. Its quite impressive super macro zoom mode is perfect for super artsy photos of snowflakes to impress the ladies, and its large size makes the camera easy to grip even if you’re wearing gloves.


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