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Gadget Geek's guide to August Gaming Apps
  • August 23, 2012 : 12:08
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While we all wait with bated breath for the release and unveiling of the iPhone 5, we’ll have to make do with the totally inferior iPhone 4S we have until then. At this point it’s just a glorified app/photo uploader, is it not? We wonder how the new iPhone is going to revolutionize our lives and the way we utilize our smartphones. To waste time until we’re able to line up and shell out another $1,000 for the newest phone, here are our four favorite gaming apps that came out this month that are iPhone/iPad friendly.

Trigger Fist

Trigger Fist - Lake Effect Applications

It seems that Trigger Fist has quickly become everyone’s favorite third-person shooter game for iOS within the past few weeks. This sleek and addictive game was developed by indie game developers at Lake Effect, who attempted to make their app play more like a console game as opposed to other third-person shooter apps on the market. Sure, a touchscreen shooter game doesn’t seem like the greatest idea, but with its innovative qualities and online or solo gameplay, you can sure get your money’s worth out of Trigger Fist. Oh yeah, and it seems like you can pick up the goats that roam around and throw them over your shoulder. We’re not sure if that’s cool or not.

Organ Trail

Organ Trail: Director's Cut - The Men Who Wear Many Hats LLC

As mentioned before in past app roundups, we love eight-bit throwbacks. If your childhood included many hours of Oregon Trail or you still think the quote “You have died of dysentery” is funny despite being one of the most quoted game quips in history, you will love the new zombie-themed parody Organ Trail. You and four of your friends travel westward while you battle swarms of zombies and pick up supplies and weapons along the way. Developed by another small indie team, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, the project was funded by fans on Kickstarter.


Horn™ - Zynga

If you’re looking for a new action-adventure game, get Horn. Like Trigger Fist, this third-person game is similar to a console game in the way that you’re able to engage and explore the world of the game. It’s pretty incredible how comprehensive apps are getting in regards to gameplay, and this one is only the beginning. We suggest getting the iPad version, as the puzzles are easier to play, the graphics are wicked and the monsters you battle are pretty awesome looking too.

Gears & Guts

Gears & Guts - Glu Games Inc.

Not sick of car or zombie games? Good, because this one has mashed the two together for some of the most ridiculous gameplay we’ve ever experienced. Basically, you pimp your ride with as many weapons you can attach to your vehicle to destroy the hordes of walkers attempting to get into your car. It’s really simple but incredibly addictive. Just be sure you’re not playing around young kids because there is a generous amount of blood in the gameplay.

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