Gadget Geek's Guide to Baseball

By The Gadget Geek

The best gadgets to make you league ready for this year's baseball season.

For a game that’s centered on a wooden bat and a leather glove, we wondered if there were many gadgets that could possibly go with it. We didn’t find any robot umpires or super-speed baseballs, but what we did unearth for our baseball gadget guide knocked our expectations out of the park.

RevFire Baseball Package

Call your girl and tell her you’ll be late for dinner because you and the boys are heading to the baseball field to see who has the best curveball. The RevFire pitch measuring system claims to be faster and more accurate than a radar gun while also measuring the pitch spin rate. The RevFire Baseball Package contains two RevFire Baseballs (which are only for pitching, not hitting), batteries and a lanyard as well as the monitor, all packed up in a handy carrying case. Side betting tally sheet not included. Buy here!

Price: $380

Specs: 2 AA batteries needed, only useable with RevFire baseballs


If you’re both a gadget geek and a baseball fan, you absolutely need to start subscribing to MLB.TV. They’ve been way ahead of the curve in bringing out-of-market games into your home, being one of the first companies to team up with Apple TV. For 100 bucks a year, you can stream live HD-quality games as well as catch the scores and replays of games you may have missed. You’re also able to watch the games live or on demand on any of your iOS devices as well as Android phones through their At Bat 12 app. Sexy baseball girl not included. Buy here!

Specs: $100 yearly subscription, compatible with major devices such as Xbox 360, PS3, Boxee and Apple TV

Trend Sports Pitching Machine

You could improve your batting average by hitting the cages, but who wants to get taunted by Cubs fans for $85 an hour? By investing in your own Trend Sports Base Hit Real Pitching Machine, you’ll not only be saving money in the long run but also your dignity until you can crank out 20 in a row. The automatic feeder will deliver balls every 10 seconds and pitches them up to 45 mph. Useable with baseballs, Wiffle balls and light balls. Aim at your own discretion. Buy here!

Price: $200

Specs: Balls sold separately, adjustable pitch height, variable speed control

ESPN Fantasy Baseball App

Can’t go a day without checking how your fantasy baseball team is doing? ESPN has got your back. With their free 2012 ESPN Fantasy Baseball app you’re able to manage multiple teams and leagues while following your matchups in real time. Notifications will be sent to your phone when your players are headed to the DL or if there is an eligible player on the bench. You’re also able to add, drop and trade players, as well as any other last minute lineup changes you need to do, wherever you are. *Women may not be as interested as she actually appears.

Price: Free

Specs: Exclusive video and breaking news, spring training notes, fantasy news, message board access


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