Gadget Geek's Guide to Beer

By The Gadget Geek

Get your weekly tech fix with these awesome beer gadgets.

From robots to brew kits, these are the gadgets you need if you’re a beer lover.

Beer Robot

A couple of years ago at Middlesex University, a Heineken robot who pours the perfect glass of beer was developed and, no surprise, was a huge hit with anyone who came across the machine. All you need to do is load the robot with Heineken’s mini keg, wave your hand in front of its sensors as it zips around the room, place your pint glass on its cup holder and let it pour you the perfect glass of beer. The robot made such a hit at the Kinetica Art fair in London, they now sell it for a cool $2,200 on their site. The price may seem high, but we can promise that you’ll be the only one with a Dalek beer butler on your street. Buy your own here:

Price: $2,200

Specs: Battery life sensor, four-hour battery life, compatible with 5L Heineken mini keg

Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade

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If you don’t live around one of those adult fun centers where you get to blow all your cash trying to win an inflatable sword while downing pint after pint, how could you not buy an Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade for your home? Just as the site says, “(it) combines three things every gamer wants: classic arcade games, arcade-style racing, and a beer tap to get your favorite beverage without having to get out of the seat.” With a full keg set up in the back, a beer tap right on the dash and a two-player control panel with built-in track ball, you may never go back to the couch again. The Octane 120 Pro can hold two five-gallon kegs or one half-barrel keg. In this case, happiness comes at the hefty price tag of $6,000. Buy your own here:

Price: $6,000

Specs: Adjustable steering wheel and seat, 2-player mode, 200 racing and arcade video games, full HD projector, PS3-compatible

Beer Savers

A little less thrilling, but a bit more innovative: these Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps will no doubt save us all a little bit of change. Designed to keep your beer fresh and safe, popping on one of these colorful bottle caps is a great alternative at the end of the night when you just can’t bear the idea of finishing another drink. It’s also great for those who home brew and need to keep the beer bottles clean and sterile before bottling! Buy your own here:

Price: $3.45 (set of 6)

Specs: Dishwasher safe, reusable, fits standard beer bottle sizes

Brew Kit

Are all of these gadgets making you feel a little crafty? You can spend a ton of money on a full-size brew kit, but when it comes down to it, you probably won’t make brewing your day job. Craft a Brew Starter Kits are great for people who are interested in making their own batch without breaking the bank, and they’re fairly delicious too. There are a few kinds to choose from, but we really enjoy the American Pale Ale starter kit, which has all the gear you need to make one gallon of beer. Buy your own here:

Price: $45

Specs: Everything you need to get brewing


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