Gadget Geek's Guide to Comic Con

By Gadget Geek is heading down to the San Diego Comic Con. Here is the gear we just won't leave the office without!

If you’re heading down to San Diego Comic Con next week there are a ton of things you need to bring with you to brave the long and winding line to Ballroom 20, fight off the gangs of hot cosplaying women looking to find their own Han Solo and store all the awesome swag you will no doubt get while you’re walking the floor. Here are a few gadgets you’ll need to get you through the week at Comic Con. Have a great time, fellow nerds!

Mophie Juice Pack

You think that you won’t be draining your iPhone battery, but chances are you will need a way to 1-up your iPhone’s life expectancy once you hit hour three waiting in line to watch the cast of Community talk about (probably) their last season on NBC, or the hot girls from Game of Thrones talk about how fun it is to film those racy scenes (only guessing). We tested the Mophie Juice Pack at this year’s CES while we ran around with Jo Garcia, and we absolutely swear by it. It gives you up to six extra hours of talk or web browsing time and a whopping 36 extra hours of audio. They’ve just released a thinner model called the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which is made for the iPhone 4/4S and starts shipping on July 6th, so get your order in now so you can have it in time for the con. Buy here!

Price: $76

Specs: Full protection of a hard-shell case, 1500 mAh battery capacity, 1-year warranty


We wish we could list the official Comic Con app here, but it’s just so god-awful we wouldn’t wish it upon anyone’s iPhone screen. The best way to get around the Con is to grab a map and a good old pen to circle what you want to go to and set an alarm on your phone to remind you. Other great apps that we anticipate will help you get around include the Marvel Events app, which can get you some swag and keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on at their booth throughout the festival in real time. We haven’t heard much from Foursquare’s camp yet, but we anticipate some cool booth discounts when you check in around the floor. 

Camelbak All Clear

Like every other convention/festival/big gathering, necessities like food and water will be pricey. We’ve heard that the top places to score cheap eats inside are limited to slices of pizza and a guy who sells gyros, so your best bet to save your cash is bringing your own food like sandwiches or energy bars. As for your water, Camelbak has come out with a really great water purification bottle that works within seconds to ensure you are always drinking clean water. By using UV technology, the purification system nullifies all of the microbiological contaminants in 60 seconds and can treat up to 16 gallons of water with each charge. You’ll save at least 50 bucks with this awesome bottle. Buy here!

Price: $75

Specs: Built into water bottle, treats .75 L per cycle, runs on two rechargeable lithium batteries

Belkin USB Charging 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Places to plug in your devices are far from abundant and are usually all snatched up by people needing to recharge their iPads, computers or cameras. Be a real-life Good Guy Greg by bringing along an outlet to plug into the wall which will give you and everyone else who is in dire need of power a chance to get through the day. The Belkin outlet is not only surge protected but is also equipped with two places to power up via USB cable for all of those people who don’t know about the awesome Mophie Juice Pack. Buy here!

Price: $15

Specs: Compatible with any USB-enabled device, $25,000 connected equipment warranty, damage-resistant casing


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