Gadget Geek's Guide to Cycling

By Gadget Geek

Cycling season is upon us. Here are a few of the gadgets that we're looking forward to using.

If your city has already experienced the flashes of hot weather, you’ve probably noticed the influx of street cyclists. It’s nice to see the city girls biking around in their shorts again, if you’re not against city cyclers and spandex that is. Biking is a great way to shed a few pounds and save your cash for something else besides gas money. And like every other mode of transportation, cycling quite the selection of gadgets to go along with it. 


No, these aren’t vanity lights for cyclists; they’re a new concept designed for bike headlights. While a headlight is normally screwed onto the handlebars, Revolights created a product that would bring the light closer to the ground for a clearer vision on the road ahead. After developing a prototype and business plan, the makers went to the popular site for funding. By snapping on the narrow rings of LEDs on the front and back wheel of your bike, and attaching a battery to your hubs, Revolights illuminate the road with 360 degrees of illumination and make you more visible to motorists The product is expected to be ready for purchase in late June and will go for $220. Find out more about the product


4 hour battery life (can be charged by USB) 7 oz. Waterproof Anti-theft design

Hiod One

There’s a little product that was developed in Halmstad, Sweden last year that we’re hoping will make its way over to the  US soon. It may look like a mini GPS system, but it’s so much more than that. Established as the first sports communicator that provides an instant link to your phone and music while also keeping track of your speed, time and distance, the Hiod one is without a doubt one of the most intriguing products that has been developed specifically for cyclists. The microphone, which clips into your helmet, has great noise reduction, so you don’t look like a mad man screaming on your bike. It’s run through Bluetooth, so all you need is your smartphone for it to work its magic. Find out more about this product at


Links to Bluetooth up to 400m Keep track of rider’s distance, speed and time Receive phone calls Mp3 Friendly

DZR Cycling Shoes

We love when style and innovative ideas come together to create something outrageously awesome. Designed to fit and look like a skate shoe, these ultra-comfortable mid tops bare a high tech variable-flex nylon inner shank and are SPD pedal compatible. They are the first cycling shoes we’ve seen that don’t make you look like an idiot once you’re off your bike. The SPD piece can also be taken out and replaced. So if you bike or walk more than you take your car during the warm months, you need to get a pair of DZR Cycling Shoes. Buy a pair for yourself here!

SPD compatible Variable-flex nylon inner shank Performance mapped flex for mobility Strategic stiffness for power transfer 600 luminosity reflective badge

iBike Dash

One company has finally figured out that consumers don’t want to splurge on a gadget that serves the same purpose as a measly four dollar app on your iPhone. The iBike Dash is a weatherproof case for your iPhone that snaps onto your handlebar that turns your phone into the ultimate cycling dashboard. Acting as a kind of personal black box, the iBike app cumulates trip readings like distance, time, total hours logged as well as current speed, heart rate and temperature. It also utilizes the GPS on your phone to track where you are on a map. Buy yourself an iBike Dash here!

Trip distance and time Odometer Total hours and distance logged Current Speed Cadence+ Temperature Heart rate+ Date and time


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