Gadget Geek's Guide to Future Tech

By Tanner Cormier

We take a look at the technology of tomorrow. It may not be available yet, but we're already placing our orders.

More than ever, the future looms near. Technological advances happen so rapidly, it seems; where once we had dreams of science-fictional gadgets, we now have the burgeoning reality. It’s hard to imagine a life where humanity and technology could be even more integrated, but these gadgets — unavailable, as yet — prefigure the Borglike world to come.

Nikon Coolpix 360 Concept Camera

Unsatisfied with capturing the moment from a single angle? With this concept cam’s 360-degree rotating lens, you can capture that moment in all its ephemeral glory from every angle at once. It’s a simple enough innovation, but it expands the possibilities of panoramic photography. And just imagine the potential for meme-worthy photobombing. You’ll likely be able to view it all in perspective with…

Google Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses

Your new reality is on the horizon; slated for mainstream release as early as next year, Google’s spectacle prototype features a heads-up display that integrates your typical smartphone apps into the rest of your everyday experience, making it possible to check your schedule, send and receive phone calls and texts and get real-time directions without taking your eyes off the world around you. And that’s just the beginning. Early adopters of this first-gen device include a select number of programmers and Diane von Furstenberg’s slew of models, who captured their experiences first-person style from the runways of September 2012 New York Fashion Week.

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

Enter this phrase into your daily lexicon: cluster computing. Most of us now employ a small army of gadgets on a daily basis, making storage, transport, charging and uploading a form of light torture. With their concept Lifebook, Fujitsu imagines a compact world where you can carry around a laptop-tablet-smartphone-camera cluster, all of which are easily linked together to integrate the various uses of each into one super device capable of doing almost anything you can ask of an electronic device, everything in its right place.

Editor’s Note: Companies like Immersion and Senseg are currently (as in RIGHT NOW) developing technology that will give touchscreens the power to replicate the feeling of different textures. So tapping away on a tablet configured as a keyboard will feel like the real thing. And we wouldn’t be if we didn’t at least ask you to imagine the other possibilities.

Ford Evos Concept Car

This is where things get a little scary. Amazing, but scary. With the Evos, Ford shows us a vision of a future where your devices not only link with one another in the cloud but also with your vehicle’s onboard computer. While you sleep, the Evos is busy monitoring your schedule, favorite music and climate-control preferences, allowing you to carry your computer-bound life seamlessly from homestead to highway. Anticipating everything in advance, down to a pushed-back meeting, the HAL-like computer will suggest a more scenic route to work in hopes of creating a more enjoyable user experience. It’s cool and all, but we can’t help but wonder whether the uprising is nigh.


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