Gadget Geek's Guide to Gotham

By The Gadget Geek

Here are the gadgets you need to make you feel like the Dark Knight himself.

What’s great about Batman is that he straddles the fine line between gadget aficionado and luxury-loving playboy. You don’t need to necessarily be an orphan, have a butler, live in a mansion and lead a double life as a vigilante to feel like Batman; all you need are a few good-looking gadgets and a deep grudge against criminals.

Taktik iPhone Case

Worried your iPhone won’t survive the fall on the off chance you don’t make that jump from roof to roof in the dead of night? Marrying hardcore protection and sleek design, award-winning company LunaTik enlisted the hive mind of Kickstarter to help them back their latest product: Taktik, a “Premium Protection System for the iPhone.” Estimated delivery for backers is sometime in August, and retail price will be about $100, with an option to upgrade to a Gorilla Glass lens for $75. Pre-order here!

Theft Recovery Microchips by Hammacher

Photo Courtesy of: Hammacher

A man of mystery like you can’t risk losing your important devices. What if they fell into the hands of your nemesis? Nothing says VIP like having your own micro tracking devices hidden in your most valued items just in case you find yourself thwarted by meddling bad guys. These Theft Recovery Microchips developed by Hammacher work as RFID tags which, when scanned by the cops, will reveal who really owns the item in question. For 100 bucks you can score five microchips so you’re always safe no matter what predicament you find yourself in. Unless they’ve dangled you over a vat of lava; these won’t help you then. Buy here!

Diesel Vektr Headphones by Monster

Find yourself needing to escape town, but can’t get a hold of the captain of your private jet? Monster collaborated with legendary fashion designer Diesel to create an incredibly sleek and light pair of headphones fit for any dark crusader who may have to fly business class. The headphones come with a touring case, ControlTalk hands-free control and a guarantee to hit crystal-clear highs and thumping lows. They run about $280. Buy here!

Fuji X-Pro1 Globe-Trotter Case

Photo Courtesy of Fuji UK

If we were leading a double life, we would definitely be a professional Playmate photographer. This job would bring us around the world to not only rub shoulders with the hottest girls but also bring pesky villains to justice internationally. “Wayne who?” they would say! While we traveled, we would pack our digital camera and accessories in this gorgeous Fuji X-Pro1 Globe-Trotter Case. The only downside is that there were only 12 made and they are about $9,000 each, but that’s the price you pay when you want to look your best.


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