Gadget Geek's Guide to Jetsetting

By Gadget Geek

Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, these are the gadgets you need for your trip.

Whether you’re traveling for work or play, there are gadgets that make being away from home stress-free.


Thinking of being the life of the party next time you’re jet setting across the globe? Then you’re going to need a mini sound system that packs enough punch to keep a party going. The Jambox is probably the most stylish, compact and notable wireless speaker that we’ve come across, it connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, mp3 devices and any Bluetooth device you can possibly think of. Pushing 85 db of pure power, this monster will fill your room with sound. If you won’t be traveling for pleasure, the Jambox also can be used for conferences via your phone computer or video chats like Skype. 

TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case

If you’re looking to be one with nature without having to sacrifice your connection to the outside world, we’ve found the gadget accessory for you. While the thought of using this product makes our toes curl, we’ve had to take what we’ve heard about it to heart since major shopping sites online can’t keep these in stock! The TAT7 iPhone Scuba Case enables you to operate your iPhone as well as all of its features while submerged in water, up to 100 ft. deep. It’s also great for those who are hitting the slopes and need a waterproof case or if you’re a sunbird who would rather spend time away from work lying on a sandy beach. Whatever your surroundings, this case will come in handy.

Eers Custom Fitted Earphones

A good pair of earphones that cancel out noise is without a doubt the most important thing to have with you on any trip, be it by land or air. There have been way too many times the enjoyment of first class has been thwarted by a crying baby. While there were a ton of impressive advancements at CES this year in personal audio technology, we ended up picking ourselves up a pair of the award winning eers™ Custom-Fitted Earphones. They are the first pair of earphones that fit the shape of your inner ear in only four minutes and do not cheap out on sound or isolation in lieu of this advancement. While you won’t look as hip as your friends sporting Beats by Dre, we promise you’ll enjoy your serenity.

Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation

We’ve had our eye on a few rechargeable battery banks, but we’ve noticed many function with only one of the big brands: Blackberry, Android or Apple. At SXSW this year we ran into a guy with this awesome looking 4000mAh external battery called a Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation that charges any USB device at a pretty impressive speed. They’ve actually produced a pretty comprehensive compatibility cheat sheet for those who are wary, which can be found here. This charger isn’t only for cell phones either; it’s fully compatible with laptops, tablets and whatever other devices you need to plug. Speaking from experience, you can get about three full charges before you have to charge the it back up.


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