Gadget Geek's Guide to July Gaming Apps

By The Gadget Geek

With July coming to an end, we highlight the best gaming apps released this month.

As creatures of comfort who spend most of our time sitting in front of computers for work or play and being sure to TiVo our favorite shows, it’s hard to get away from the pop culture machine. Hell, they’re even infiltrating those few precious minutes we have on the subway, stuck in traffic or waiting for friends to get their asses to the bar. A lot of new games came out this month from some of our favorite franchises, so we figured we’d round the best ones up for this month’s Gadget Geek’s Guide to Apps.

Walking Dead: The Game

How did we live without this? We had to check our iPads when we heard about it because we just kind of assumed this was already a thing. The first part is being released today and, like the game on just about every other gaming platform, will be made available in five episodes. The graphics are great, the creep factor is through the roof and our impulse to kill as many walkers as we can is definitely not fading anytime soon. We love that every player has a tailor-made experience depending on every action and decision you make.

The Dark Knight Rises

Inspired by The Dark Knight Rises, you play the role of the Dark Knight himself while he thwarts all things evil in Gotham City. We became totally immersed in the inner workings of Gotham City, as its different districts are home to dozens of missions with hours and hours of gameplay. The dark, dreary graphics are pretty good for the amount of space it takes up on your Android device, but who’s really complaining when you have the chance to ride Batman’s kick-ass motorcycle?

Epic Meal Time

After our hour with Epic Meal Time, we just can’t get the idea of smothering everything in bacon, Jack Daniel’s and cheese out of our heads. This game is pretty simple but has the same addictive qualities as Bejeweled or Tetris. All you’ve got to do is fling delicious, unhealthy food into Harley’s mouth and dodge all of those gross veggies. The better the score, the easier it gets to unlock crazy items and perks like new foods, meals and backgrounds. We don’t have a trailer for this one, so we’re just going to put up one of the latest Epic Meal Time episodes instead.

The Amazing Spider-Man

On the other end of the superhero spectrum, The Amazing Spider-Man reboot (again, really?) also has its own game out. Fight some lizards and free New York from bad guys by completing over 25 missions inspired by the film’s story line. Enjoy its clean and crisp graphics of the Manhattan skyline that almost look 3D as you web your way from building to building.


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