Gadget Geek’s Guide to Memorial Day Weekend

By Gadget Geek

We've rounded up all you need to throw the best party this Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend right around the bend, we figured we’d find the tools you need to fully enjoy your well-earned long weekend.

Logitech UE Air Speaker

It’s not a party unless there’s music. Speakers outside by the BBQ or pool are always a necessity on a nice day, especially if they’re as sleek and sexy as the Logitech UE Air Speaker. What’s awesome about this particular gadget is that you’re able to wirelessly connect it to every single iOS device around to stream songs, so even that friend who insists on bringing his iPad everywhere can be a part of choosing the playlist. All you have to do is download the app and stream the songs you want to hear. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not hook up your device to its hidden dock and launch the Spotify app to stream a DJ Summer Altice playlist you can find here!

Price: $400

Specs: Only compatible with iOS 4.3 and later. Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

Performer Charcoal Grill

If you’re not particularly fond of the generic gas grill, we’ve found the barbecue for you! This well-designed BBQ not only comes with a handy steel-frame cart and a lid-mounted thermometer, but is also equipped with a Touch-N-Go gas-ignition system which ignites your charcoal briquettes at the press of a button. If you need to brush up on your charcoal BBQ skills, our wonderful playmate Mei-Ling Lam wrote a dos and don’ts of grilling that will have you flipping burgers with your eyes closed in no time. Buy your own here!

Price: $330

Specs: Built-in tool holder and a cooking area of 363 square inches

Deluxe Kegerator Draft Dispenser

Don’t think we’ve forgotten the beer. This mini “kegerator” will keep your beer at the perfect temperature and will deliver a pub-quality pour every time. It is designed to hook up to the Heineken 5 liter keg, but it can be used with any other standard-sized mini keg using a C02 accessory kit which is sold separately. Get your own keg here!

Price: $150

Specs: Temperature range: 38-54 degrees Fahrenheit

Launch Kontrol - Remote Firework Launcher

You may think this one is a little crazy, but after spending the day drinking beer and eating burgers, you may not be fit for firework duty once the sun sets. Inventors over in the UK have developed a remote-controlled firework launcher that will wirelessly launch up to five fireworks in sequence called the Launch Kontrol. 

Price: $35

Specs: Remote control works at a distance of up to 25 meters and will take approximately 12 seconds to launch.


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