Gadget Geek's Guide to September Gaming Apps

By The Gadget Geek

If you didn’t end up going to one of our Top 10 Party Schools, chances are you’re pretty bored after class. Here are the best September gaming apps to keep you busy.

If you didn’t end up going to one of our Top 10 Party Schools, chances are you’re pretty bored after class. And if you’re one of the diehards who got a new iPhone, here are a couple of games that you should test out on the new four-inch retina display you waited so patiently for, then e-mail everyone about how much better these games are on the new screen.


Bastion is the first iPad-only game that we’ve featured on Gadget Geek, so that says something about how awesome the gameplay is. You may have heard of this game before, as it was available in the Xbox LIVE Arcade back in the summer of 2011, but if you haven’t, it’s basically an RPG wherein you must fight to rebuild the civilization of the imaginative world Calamity through a slew of quests. We commend the company for knowing the small screen of an iPhone wouldn’t do the game justice, and to be honest we don’t think we would’ve liked the gameplay!

Activision Anthology

When it comes to video game legacy, retro company Activision is right up there. The initial download is free, which will get you the classic game KABOOM!, and if it works its nostalgic charm on you, you’ll have to fork over $6.99 for the 44 other Activision games that come with the app. We have to admit, though, we only use this on our iPads because the eight-bit graphics aren’t too pleasing on a small screen, so download with caution.


If you love Wes Anderson, you’ll love the kitschy lazy-day appeal of Voyager. To our knowledge, this is the first gaming app to be 100 percent handcrafted using needle-felted wool through stop-motion animation, and the result is really quite extraordinary. There’s not much to this game; all you have to do is float through space and avoid unidentified creatures, planets, satellites and asteroids. Sure, it may not become your old faithful when you’re killing time, but when you just need to shut your brain off and listen to some old-timey music, Voyager is perfect.

Fightocracy 2012

At this point in the election all we want to see is a good old-fashioned Andrew Jackson duel. Since neither of the presidential candidates has talked about his stance on gun control, we’ll settle for one of our favorite apps of September, Fightocracy 2012. Basically, this is Street Fighter but with past and present presidential contenders duking it out to see who reigns supreme. Will Obama outlast his hero Lincoln? Will Romney’s sacks of gold coins be deemed a legal fighting tool to take on Clinton? Find out in Fightocracy 2012.

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