Gadget Geek's Guide To: Snowboarding

By Vanessa Butler

The Gadget Geek checks out the latest gadgets in the world of Snowboarding.

While most of us tend to spend the winter months battling lethargy and bouts of seasonal depression, there are a few who anticipate the first major snowfall year round. These people are prone to say ‘dude’ instead of 'friend,’ will show up to your dinner parties equipped with a six pack of energy drinks and have most likely built ‘sick’ half pipes in their parents’ back yard. If you haven’t guessed by now, this week we’re checking out the latest gadgets in the world of snowboarding.

Stereotypes aside, snowboarding is one of the most technically advanced snow sports there is. Developers have been tweaking the products needed to ride a board, boots and bindings, for years and have advanced the simple gear into an array of ride specific accessories fit for any kind of rider. From the ever evolving forms of snowboard chambers to constructing boards out of materials that have made bombing down a trail and stopping on a dime effortless, the technology behind this once taboo sport is as thorough as any other.

Morning Motivation

If you’ve ever been on a snowboarding trip, the morning of the third or fourth day is most likely burned into the back of your mind. Your body aches, you regret eating that after-bar pizza and you’re not sure if getting out of the bed is physically possible. But, you get up, pull back the curtains and are reminded why you are there in the first place: the perfectly manicured hills.  To motivate yourself on those tough mornings, we found a  gadget called SkiFX that not only tells you the outside temperature, but gives you a thorough breakdown of the trail and lift reports, surface conditions, new snow amount and total base accumulation for over 300 US Ski areas. Buy here!

Slope Safety

It may be the 21st century, but time and time again the integration of technology and everyday objects catch us off guard. Take for instance Zeal, an eyewear company founded in snowboard haven Boulder, Colorado, who developed the world’s first pair of GPS-equipped goggles. Usually products like this are too gimmicky for our taste, but the sleek and attractive design paired with the futuristic features like speed gage, GPS, temperature, current altitude and elapsed distance have us hooked. It maps your runs, your speed and will even give you your stats for jumps which you can then download onto a computer to compare with past stats. We’re sure they are just the beginning of a whole new wave of techy snowboarding accessories that will be the next hot ticket item for this sport. Buy here!

Keeping Warm

Battling between the icy cold winds and uncomfortable sweatiness you experience while snowboarding is a sport in itself. Columbia, once known solely for its tacky neon fleece pullovers, have developed a soft shell jacket that has built in Omni-Heat Electric technology that lets you forgo the warm up breaks no matter how cold it is. Powered by two light batteries, this jacket will keep you warm for up to six straight hours with its low, medium or high heat pads located around the core of the jacket as well as the palms of your hands. Buy here!

Filming the Slopes

In a world where we tweet what we eat, check in to where we drink and ‘like’ what we like, why not strap a camera to our head to film the stunts we’re pulling on the slopes to show our friends on YouTube. Our portable camera of choice is the HD Helmet Hero, the world’s highest performance wearable 1080p HD video and still photo camera. We love that you can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and if you buy a cheap 32GB SD card you can record up to 9. The gear you get along with your camera is all stuff that aspiring and experienced filmmakers actually need to use the product which is a change from the usual cash grab high tech cameras usually put consumers in. Buy Here!


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