Gadget Geek's Guide to Star Wars

By Gadget Geek

Tomorrow is May the fourth! If you're a true Star Wars fan, you'll need these gadgets to celebrate.

May the fourth is a very important day in the Star Wars subculture. We will give those of you who do not fall into this category a minute to figure it out… Got it? Okay. There are a lot of conventions and events happening on this day, but it’s not a secret that most Star Wars fanatics would rather read Leia and Luke erotic fan fiction than head outdoors and swing their sabers in a park for all to see. We love the Star Wars films, and to show our appreciation of this special day, we’ve rounded up our favorite Star Wars gadgets that we think every fan should have.

Star Wars R2-D2 Projector

You may not be the princess’s only hope, but you still can use Artoo’s projection capabilities to watch your favorite films. Standing at 27”, this incredibly lifelike R2-D2 is equipped with a CD/DVD player, an MP3/MP4 player, iPod projector and docking station, and memory card and USB slots. That’s nothing to beep angrily at, even though it can, because it also has the most popular R2-D2 sound effects built in. It also has a Millennium Falcon remote control and stand, which is a really cool plus.  Obviously, this amazing replica was a limited production, so it is a bit pricy when you can find it online, but to any die-hard fan, it’s totally worth it. This is totally the droid you’re looking for! Price: $4,800

Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle

The Kinect Star Wars bundle may have come out the last time the second moon of Endor completed a full orbit, but it’s still a pretty cool deal. And who doesn’t love playing Xbox 360 games? With the bundle, you get a C-3PO-themed controller, an R2-D2-themed console, and the Kinect sensor, as well as a copy of Kinect Star Wars. If you already have a copy, why don’t you give it to your girlfriend in exchange for some sweet slave Leia roleplay? Price: $400

Mimoco Han Solo USB Flash Drive

If you don’t have the druggats to buy something as flashy as the Millennium Falcon, you can always go small to show your loyalty to the force. Mimco has come out with a ton of Star Wars USB keys, but our favorite has to be the Han Solo drive that comes in a Carbonite carrying case. It holds eight gigs, so it’s no astromech droid, but it still does the job. Price: $34

Star Wars Lightsaber Room Light

What kind of Star Wars gadget guide would this be without the appearance of the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight? Class up any Korga Cave with a couple of these Lightsaber room lights! Each Lightsaber can turn eight different colors by remote and mounts easily onto the wall. They run on batteries, so you can also move them around your home. We’re sure your wife will be thrilled with that prospect. Price: $23


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