Gadget Geek's Thanksgiving Survival Guide

By The Gadget Geek

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Here are the gadgets you need to get you through the 24-48 hours you're spending with family.

Whether it’s your first or fifth time coming home for Thanksgiving, you will need a few things to get you through time with your family.  No amount of scotch is going to save you from the stresses of Thanksgiving like “What are you thankful for?” speeches, peeling pounds of potatoes or having to watch your mom slowly deteriorate to a manic-depressive state. Yes, it’s all worth it, but there’s no denying you’ll need some help. Here are four gadgets you need to get you through the long weekend.

Get you through kitchen duty:

Treat your mom to a couple of cool gadgets she’ll use. Belkin’s kitchen cabinet mount for the iPad won an innovations award at this year’s CES for a reason. Its no-tools-needed setup makes it easy to store when not in use and unclutters your workplace from your expensive tablet. Another cool kitchen gadget you’ll want is Host’s Adjustable Aerator, which instantly decants any wine from zero to six hours. Its twistable settings reflect the equivalent of one to six hours of aeration, allowing each individual bottle of wine to reach its full potential.

Get you through dinner:

If your parents’ house is a smoke-free zone, a portable vaporizer may be the way to go. The Pax feels more like an iPod than something to smoke out of. The anodized aluminum body has a satisfying heft without feeling too heavy, and it is simplicity itself to operate: click the mouthpiece to open it and power on the device, then simply push the mouthpiece back in to power off.

The biggest advantage of the Pax is in its compact, portable size. Bringing a traditional vaporizer to a party or friend’s house, let alone your parents’, would immediately make you That Guy. (“Hey, man, cool party. Is there an outlet I can plug this baby into?”) The Pax fits into your pocket for a great smoke wherever you go.

Get you through the football game:

If the thought of finding yourself sandwiched between two men experiencing the effects of tryptophan, the loose-lipped temper induced by one too many beers and a botched touchdown makes you break out in a cold sweat, watching Thursday Night Football from the couch isn’t a great idea. Thank god for PVR and smart phones, though; you’ll be able to catch the game from the comfort of your own home and still get your NFL fix by playing NFL Pro 2013 on your iPhone or tablet. Gameloft’s popular free-to-play football simulator has returned with real NFL teams, enhanced graphics, new animations and a brand new first-person view for the passing game. Get the game for free on iTunes here.

Get you through your trip home:

Your parents have cleared out your bedroom to make room for their state-of-the-art wine-making gear, which means you’re faced with the task of figuring out what you’re parting with. Clearly you wouldn’t ever want to kick your Nintendo games to the curb, but there’s no way you’ll fork out the cash to get an NES and an SNES console to hook up to your flat screen. Think Geek has come out with a Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System that plays games from both consoles. You can play it on the go and connect it to a television for big-screen gaming.


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