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Gamer Next Door: E3 Roundup Part 2
  • June 20, 2012 : 16:06
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Playboy’s Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia hits the floor of E3 as we continue our coverage from E3 2012! While yesterday we highlighted some great releases from Nintendo and EVE Online, today we check out some of the most intense games coming up in the near future.

Getting back to the story basics in the hotly anticipated Halo 4, the franchise is back with new maps and better graphics, but the coolest thing we found is that Microsoft will be updating the content and storyline weekly, which will be great for gamers who are playing on a consistent basis.

Two of Sony’s keynote launches are the innovative supernatural game Beyond: Two Souls from acclaimed Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dreams, which actually stars Ellen Page as the lead character (in voice and likeness); and, from Naughty Dog, fighter title The Last of Us.

From Ubisoft we had a look at a potential next-gen title with Watch Dogs, a high-concept cyber-espionage title which centers around anti-hero Aiden Pearce, whose greatest asset and weapon is his ability to hack and manipulate any connected system.  

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  • Anonymous
    I wish they would make a remake of Tomb Raider the original one for my ipod touch and put Jo Garcia as Lara Croft so I can run around and shoot stuff with her
  • Anonymous
    watch dogs does look awesome. I've been all halo'd out
  • Anonymous
    Last of Us give me goosebumps