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Gamer Next Door: Halo 4
  • November 06, 2012 : 08:11
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We were destroyed when we thought the original Halo trilogy and offshoots such as Halo: Reach were to be the end of the Master Chief and the UNSC. Lucky for us, the guys over at Microsoft decided another outing (or three) would be in the best interests of the hardcore gamer ranks who would jump at the chance to take up that awesome bazooka once again.

To get ready for today’s release of the game, Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia headed down to the studio to meet up with Halo executive producer Kiki Wolfkill to chat about the new storyline, what fans can expect and what to keep your eyes out for in this radical new game.

Halo 4 will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 November 6, 2012. Check out the live action features, Live Unto Dawn here.

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  • Anonymous
    I'm picking up a bit later but look forward to playing it