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Gamer Next Door: Prototype 2 Sneak Peek
  • February 23, 2012 : 20:02
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While Jo Garcia was at Activision headquarters, she was lucky enough to run into Matt Armstrong, who has spent the past couple of months  working on the much anticipated sequel Prototype 2. Luckily Matt is a fan of the Gamer Next Door and agreed to show her a preview of what to expect from the game. Like what you see so far? Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see what else went on during her visit. Check out the trailer HERE.

Out on April 24th, be the first to buy the game HERE.

Jo Garcia

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  • anonymous
    i like the game, never played it. i be a little busy then off 2 sleep for the next day. hopefully i could hookup with some people like u to make a game or 10. i have some good ideas just dont have the means of operation, i have people who are but lack of resources. if interested in my ideas send me a note i have yahoo and skype all the same name. dragonfireking45. if interested i do arm security/bodyguard licensed and other odd jobs